Interesting Facts About Manhattan Island

Manhattan Island, or simply Manhattan, is an island and also one of the five boroughs in New York City, in ...
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Greatest Discoveries of All Time

Here's our gallery of some of the greatest discoveries mankind has ever made. They are among the discoveries that changed ...
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Most Inspiring Leaders of All Time

Leaders, whether they are good or bad, share a lot of common traits such as high ambitions, determination, confidence and ...
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Most Horrific Dictators of All Time

Dictators -- most people would not want to remember them based on their atrocities they had committed, however the brutality ...
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10 of the Largest Insects

Insects are often thought of as tiny and in many instances we don't usually notice them. They go on making ...
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Top 20 Greatest Western Movies of All Time

Aside from rock and roll, the Western movie is uniquely an American contribution to world culture. The Western genre is ...
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Top 20 mob movies of all time

Top 20 Mob Movies of All Time

"Mob" or "gangster" is one of the most popular and favorite film genres. Proof of the genre's popularity is The ...
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Interesting Facts About Russia

Russia is the biggest country in the world so there is no doubt its culture and history is as vast ...
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Top Movie Mistakes of All Time

Most movies, both great and terrible, have mistakes. However, most audiences don't notice them in the slightest because they're too focused ...
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12 Craziest Japanese Game Show Moments [VIDEO]

Japan has long had the reputation not just for their technological advancements, but also for their unique game shows. They're ...
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Top 20 Iconic Toys of All Time

These iconic toys prove to be timeless even long after our childhood has gone. Some of the toys we grew ...
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Really Tall Celebrities

On TV and in the movies and magazines, some celebrities appear to be of average height, but you may be surprised to ...
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Interesting Facts About California

California is famous for many things, mainly the Golden Gate Bridge, its unique scenery, the various wineries producing world-class wines, ...
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Diseases You Can Catch From Your Pet

You love your pets with all your heart and you want to ensure their health and happiness. However, if you ...
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The 10 Best Theme Songs From 1970s TV Shows

The 1970s was a great time for the television industry. There were so many hit series that we 70s kids, ...
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Really Short Celebrities

Even though these famous celebrities are short, their fame and success are otherwise monumental. In fact, because these celebrities seem ...
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Child Stars of The 1990s

If you were a 90s kid, you most surely know about many of the child stars from way back then. But ...
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Stupid ideas that made millions

Stupid Ideas That Made Millions

It is amazing how many stupid ideas over the past 50 or so years have made their inventors a good ...
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One Hit Wonders of the 60s

The 1960s is probably the most phenomenal decade when it comes to music -- there's the British Invasion, folk and ...
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Interesting facts about the white house

Interesting Facts About the White House

The White House is a mansion which is obviously full of rich history, made by the people who have contributed ...
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One Hit Wonders of the 2000s

The music scene of the new millennium wasn't bereft of one-hit wonders, especially on the American charts, which they used ...
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