How to Setup an iPad Speaker System


Want a more booming sound coming out of you iPad?

Have you thought about setting up an iPad speaker system but not sure where to start? Check out our quick guide to help get you going.


Bose Soundlink Speaker II – REVIEWED



The iPad and tablets in general are revolutionizing so many aspects of our lives. Of course the iPod and iTunes killed the CD. WIth the iPad you can take your music and movies with you. If you travel with kids having your movies on your iPad as a portable “DVD” player type idea is great. But you will find you need speakers to share the movie with everyone. Or, if your wanting your music out by the pool you will need a good speaker option for your iPad. Or you’re maybe ready to just replace that old stereo system.


The great news is there are lots and lots of great options at all different price levels!

When picking a speaker system for your IPad, first you need to decide how much you want to spend and how fancy you want to get. Keep in mind most speaker systems will require the speakers to be plugged in and will not be powered off the iPad it self. This is an important consideration if your looking for something portable.


Here are only a couple of speaker systems to look at from Amazon.


A wide variety of options catering to your preferences

As you can see their a wide variety including bluetooth options, rechargable and ones that look like a traditional jam box. It will be imporant that you also consider the space you need to use your speakers in. Is it small and tight? Or, are you looking for something that will fit in a more traditional space?

Our personal favorite for portable speaker systems is the Supersonic IQ for only $23. Its simple affordable and generally meets the need. If you travel with small kids and the “oops daddy something happened” comment comes and the speaker is crushed, for only $23 you can worry a bit less.

8872040_f260If you’re looking for a high end solution then the Bose Wireless SoundLink is going to be very hard to beat but it’s pricey at $299. Bose is renowned for its great sound and for hte right room this can be an elegant solution.


You need to make sure if you have an iPad 1 or iPad 2 that your picking a system that will support both. The iPad 2 is much thinner than the iPad 1 and if its a stand you need to make sure you will not have issues.

The iPad is so flexible in its use and portability that it can make for a great stereo system. Just a little research and you can find the right option to fit your budget, space and goals.

Good Luck!


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