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Now the force can be with you where ever you go and can light your path or your room. It even has a stylus for your iPad and iPhone! Salvador Dali Geek

– pretty cool
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Its a Book! Its a Wallet! Its an iPhone Protector! No its BookBook! A must have for any Geek! Ultimate geek seat and speaker system – go 70s retro (think Get Smart). Welcome visitors to your home with a lone invader for them to wipe their feet on — sweet revenge for all the times they got zapped by the aliens.
Defend your iPhone with this cool, colorful case. There’s more arcade apparel to be had with this neat hoodie. Not totally obvious at first glance, we love the way the Invaders have been incorporated into the Argyle design. It’s Fruit Invaders! Watch out for the pineapples — they are mean! Put this little alien to work for you. He boasts a bottle opener, flat-head and Phillips-head screwdriver, so should be a handy little fellow to have around.
These cute acrylic coasters will defend your coffee table from dreaded water marks. We love this tie’s pattern. It’s subtle from a distance, then when you get close — BLAM! In your face geekiness. Finally, Created by industrial designer Igor Chak for mega fans of the game (with mega bank balances) this couch will give your living room a serious injection of 8-bit cool. Add some arcade chic to your kitchen table with this cute pair of seasoning dispensers.
There are many, many variations on the Space Invaders tee, but this one is the best. End of chat. Let’s face it, an invasion of ice into your lukewarm beverage might not be too bad. Printing in 3D! How Cool is that!!! Its Real! To Boldly Go Where No Baby has Gone Before!
Ah Bacon Bandages – Bacon for Everything! Clocks are Old School – But this is Surreal Geek Art! MMMMMM – Canned Unicorn – Nothing Better! Oh Just Too Fun – Frozen Han Solo Ice and Jello!
Star Wars Science
Force Glove