10 Awesome Band Merch Ideas to Support Your Band’s Tour

Americans are listening to music more now than ever before.

And yet, there’s nothing quite like seeing your favorite band in the flesh. When your adoring fans come to see your band on tour, you need to have band merch to sell.

But coming up with your own band merch ideas isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve put together these merch ideas to keep your fans happy and make your tour a success.

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1. Always Sell Your Music

Although you’ll regularly hear that the music industry is now dominated by streaming services, there is still a need and a want for CDs and vinyl.

Therefore, you should always make your music available to buy during your concerts. If you have a small audience, then signing every CD you sell is a nice touch that won’t go unnoticed. Of course, if you’re selling thousands of CDs, this will be a lot more difficult!

Have your music at the heart of your merch table. Don’t forget to announce that you’re selling it to fans at the end of your show too.

2. T-Shirts Are Still Popular

One of the best ways to get people to notice your band is by having hoards of loyal fans wearing your t-shirts. You’ll be surprised by how effective this method is!

Make sure you have a recognizable logo that is easily searchable when someone curious sees your cool t-shirts.

Take inspiration from some of the best band t-shirts ever made. For example, Nirvana’s design is still popular among young people today, and Run DMC is regularly used by big brands.

Buy t-shirts in a range of sizes so that no one feels left out. But, remember that medium is the most popular size so ensure you have a lot of these to go around!

3. Create Artwork With Your Fans

Do you have some time after your gig to spend with your fans? Then, why not charge them for some cool artwork? Anything completely unique will help sell merch.

For example, if you’re a good artist, sketch your fans while you chat with them! Consider framing this artwork and make sure you sign it, too.

This merch idea is a little different from simply selling a t-shirt. Make sure you have someone orchestrating it so fans aren’t waiting around for hours.

4. Start Selling Stickers

Just like with t-shirts, stickers are a great way for fans to show that they support you. Buy them here!

They’ll cover everything from their laptop to their car in stickers.

As a result, many new listeners will be able to find you! Make sure your sticker design is hip, attention-grabbing, and something that people would want on display.

5. Personalized Guitar Picks Rock

Does your guitarist already have their own cult following?

Then, why not create personalized guitar picks with your band name on them?

Your guitarist could even sign these merch products to increase their value. This is a very simple idea that will have a big impact!

6. Patches Are Super Cool

Stickers don’t quite have the longevity of patches. These pieces of cloth are great to attach to clothing. Patches can be customized in different shapes, sizes and colors. There are different types of attachments available to attach your patches conveniently, the most popular are sew-on and iron-on. Your choice will depend on your use case and the clothing article you want to attach the patches to. Make sure you are using the right attachments that are convenient to attach for your fans. You can create your own or shop this site!

Make sure you have multiple patch options, perhaps of your logo, a guitar, and a line of lyrics. This way, fans can collect a new patch every time they come to your concert.

7. Beanies and Hats Are Fly

T-shirts aren’t the only clothing option that will make your band stand out. Why not also sell beanies and hats?

If one of your band members wears a particular piece of clothing every time you perform, make sure to have something similar on sale. It doesn’t matter how silly or random this product is, your fans will love it!

8. Posters Will Keep You Popular

When your fans stick your poster up on their wall at home, you know you’re their new favorite band.

If you’re the first thing they see in the morning and the last thing they look at before they close their eyes, they won’t forget you!

You can guarantee that posters will also bring up questions when their friends come over, too. This is a retro merch idea that definitely works!

9. Tote Bags Are Totally Awesome

The war on plastic is still raging, so more and more people are turning to tote bags to carry home their groceries.

Your fans will love displaying your artwork or logo while they walk home from the store. You’ll increase awareness and be helping the planet by selling tote bags.

Just make sure you find a supplier that is eco-friendly. If you only plan on selling a few tote bags and you’re a crafty band, you can create them yourself!

10. Pins Are Poppin’

Finally, the pin is making a comeback in a big way! These small little buttons are cute and impactful.

They help build friendships and form connections. If you see somewhere wearing a pin of your favorite band, you’re much more likely to strike up a conversation with them!

So, why not create your own pins in a variety of shapes, sizes, logos, and designs? Fans will be able to collect them and wear them all with pride!

Which of These Band Merch Ideas Will You Choose?

After reading this list, you should have some inspiration for how to impress your fans when they reach your merch table.

These band merch ideas are simple but highly effective. It only takes a few fans to spread the word about your band and you’ll get many more people coming to your next gig.

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