10 Best Attractions in Magic Kingdom


The Magic Kingdom is the first of the four Walt Disney World Resort theme parks to open (on October 1, 1971). It has been one of the most heavily visited theme parks not just in the United States, but in the world as well. Aside from the pointy iconic Cinderella Castle, there are other attractions in the theme park that are worth checking out.

1. Space Mountain – Space Mountain is one of the most popular rides in the Disney parks. This indoor roller coaster will speed guests through what feels like outer space.  Riders will reach 180 ft., then drop and go through all kinds of crazy twists and turns completely in the dark.

2. Big Thunder Mountain – This high speed roller coaster, is located in a 200 ft. mountain in Magic Kingdom. Guests will get to ride in a mine train all around the mountain at high speeds.  This runaway mine train takes you all throughout the old wild west.

3. Haunted Mansion – This classic Disney ride is one spooky attraction. It slowly takes riders through an old haunted house, where they will get to experience all kinds of creepy and even silly characters.  Many of the visual effects are actually quite funny.

4. Splash Mountain – This attraction features the characters from “Song of the South”. On this log fume ride, guests will get to float through and see different stories from the “Song of the South” movie, have water sprayed at them, and fall down five stories in the log.  Although this is not one of Disney’s fastest rides, it is definitely one of the most enjoyable and popular attractions.

5. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – This new roller coaster, has become very popular among guests. It will take you through many fun and steep twists and turns, as well as through a section that shows you where the seven dwarfs work.

6. Peter Pan’s Flight – This is one of the most popular rides in Magic Kingdom as it is perfect for people of all ages. It will take the riders on a flying ship all throughout London and Neverland.  Guests will have an opportunity to see all of the Peter Pan characters and the most iconic places in Neverland.

7. Mickey’s PhilharMagic – This is one of the most entertaining attractions in Magic Kingdom. This 4D film attraction takes you through all of the most classic Disney film scenes from movies such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Peter Pan all tied together with Donald Duck.

8. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin – In this ride guests must shoot at different targets through the rooms while riding in a spaceship. This fun ride is complete with backlights and neon lights.

9. Pirates of the Caribbean – This is one of the classic Disney World attractions. In this ride, you will float in a boat through different visual effects and sets that portray pirates raiding a settlement.  This ride is also the one that influenced the popular Disney franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, which only made the ride more popular.

10. Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid – In this attraction guests will ride in clamshell-shaped vehicles and will get to experience the retelling of the story of The Little Mermaid, through animatronics and visual effects.

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