10 Best Methods to Eliminate Cockroaches from Your Property


Jackson, MS, has a population of around 166,000, and cockroaches are a common issue in the most densely populated places. Cockroaches can prove to be especially difficult to get rid of.

This species is resilient and tough, difficult to kill, but it’s possible – with hard work and diligence. Experts with experience in pest control Jackson MS, know the best techniques to get rid of cockroaches.

1. Remove Standing Water

Remove all standing water from your property, eliminate clutter, store food in airtight containers, fix leaky pipes, unclog drains, etc. Roaches will love dirty houses just as much as clean houses!

2. Assess the Infestation Level

The next step you need to take is to examine the level of infestation within your home. This can very well determine which products or methods are to be used.

3. Boric Acid Killer Tips

You need to understand that boric acid isn’t a pesticide but a non-toxic substance often used as a food source for roaches. They find the poison so enticing; they die from it once ingesting. This makes them more effective than spray-on pesticides.

Just put some boric acid in a jar and leave it out near infested areas. Remember to keep it out of the reach of children and pets. Once the roaches are attracted to it, they try to get in the jar, and once they ingest it, they die.

Leave these jars overnight and check the trap in the morning. You can dispose of them or make a new batch.

4. Using Borax and Sugar Solution to Eliminate Cockroaches

Another natural method is to use borax and sugar, which works in the same manner as boric acid. Make a paste by mixing sugar with boric acid powder [borax].

Once you have this mixture, spread it around your house, where cockroaches are likely to travel. The final step is setting up small containers for trapping them. Use plastic cups, fill them halfway with water and poke a few holes at the bottom so roaches can get in but not out once trapped.

5. Pest Repellents Tips

Plants like red buckeye and Tag Adler grow well in Jackson, MS. Certain plants have been scientifically proven to repel cockroaches. Keep these in your house, and the pests will stay clear of it. Some of them are:

Nepeta Cataria: Also known as catnip, this plant is said to repel not only roaches but also ticks, termites, mosquitoes & mice!

Eucalyptus Citriodora: Scientific studies have proven that eucalyptus leaves are effective at repelling cockroaches. Its strong pleasant odor keeps cockroaches away. You can use any other household plant with a pleasant smell – lavender, mint, etc.

6. Using Traps for Catching Roaches

One easy solution to get rid of roaches is to set traps around your home where their presence has been noticed. Setting up traps might be a tedious task but a much easier option than the previous ones.

7. Insect Growth Regulators

Insect growth regulator or IGR is a chemical that disrupts the molting process in insects. It prevents them from developing into adulthood and eventually kills them for good. IGR products are available at all hardware stores and can prove to be an ideal choice if you don’t want to deal with these pests ever again.

8. Using Baking Soda [Sodium Bicarbonate]

Roaches cannot survive in an environment where the pH level is acidic, which causes their skin tissues to break apart – resulting in death. Therefore, a simple solution can be using baking soda [bicarbonate]. Place some around infested areas, and roaches will die as they come in contact with it.

9. Using Boric Acid Spray to Get Rid of them

You can use boric acid in the form of an insecticide too. 4% borax is just refined for home uses – unless you have pets/kids in your house.

Just mix equal parts of borax powder [4%] with enough water, so it reaches a sprayable consistency. It’s important not to increase the amount of borax as this might prove fatal when ingested by small kids or pets despite being non-toxic for humans. Cover all corners of your house with this mixture, and you’ll be surprised by the results.

10. Call Pest Control Experts

Though over-the-counter solutions may offer some respite from your cockroach problems, they aren’t a permanent solution. Hence, you should consider calling pest control experts as soon as you notice the first signs of infestation.

Experts specializing in pest control in Jackson, MS, will have the resources, and equipment to take care of the infestation and eliminate all roaches from your property while also taking measures to ensure they don’t return.

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