10 Best Ways to Get a Free VIN Check Before Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car requires that you learn everything about it beforehand, including the vehicle’s make, registration, safety recalls, odometer readings, accident records, registration, etc. You need a VIN check on the vehicle’s VIN to access all this critical information that will define your car ownership experience.

As a result, you should look for the best VIN check tool that won’t miss important details about the vehicle’s history. Below are the best ways to get a free VIN check before buying a used car. One of them is Free VIN Check. This site allows you to track critical information, including repossession records, salvage history, insurance records, accidental (including minor collisions), and so much more.

10 Best Ways to Get a Free VIN Check Before Buying a Used Car

  1. Free VIN Check
  2. VINCheckFree
  3. BMW VIN Decoder
  4. Toyota VIN Decoder
  5. EpicVIN
  6. Bumper
  7. AutoDNA
  9. AutoCheck
  10. carVertical

1. Free VIN Check

Getting a car history report from Free VIN Check is simple and doesn’t require some special training or technical skills. Thanks to a user-friendly interface and a truly responsive site, you can receive all the information with no delay. Everything on this site is clutter-free.

Their large database model generates in-depth information from multiple reputable sources, including NMVTIS, other national and private registries, leasing databases, car auctions, insurance databases, police databases, car dealers, and other sources. Some of this information is gathered in real-time directly from the vehicles. This means that you can make quick and solid decisions on a vehicle, especially decisions on whether to buy a used car.

By far it is one of the best ways to access a car’s history in detail, especially for any car model you want. Best of all, most of the comprehensive data is available for free.


  • Comprehensive and in-depth vehicle history reports
  • Accurate and convenient to use
  • Guides buyers when making a vehicle purchase
  • Responsive customer support
  • Simple and very easy-to-use platform


  • May not provide photos to provide complete details on a car’s history

2. Mercedes VIN Decoder

Mercedes VIN Decoder

Mercedes VIN decoder is quite the VIN tool for gaining valuable insights into the history of any Mercedes Benz car. Due to its user-friendly interface, any user, regardless of exposure and education, can access detailed reports on these vehicles.

This VIN tool provides free basic reports for users who require general information about a vehicle. But if you’d want a much more comprehensive report on your Mercedes, you can subscribe to its premium service at an affordable fee.

They provide verifiable information since their adequate databases are updated when necessary.


  • Detailed vehicle reports
  • Provides valuable insights into any Mercedes car history
  • You can find all details in one place


  • Relatively new in the market hence may lack some trivial vehicle information

3. The BMW VIN Decoder

The BMW VIN Decoder

The BMW VIN Decoder is custom-made for any BMW vehicle; you can thoroughly search the VIN of a BMW vehicle and generate highly reliable results. The BMW VIN may be similar to other manufacturers in terms of digit length, but when it comes to decoding it, it may be different from all other vehicles. And that is why the custom-made BMW VIN decoder is suitable for it.

It comes with an easy-to-navigate search panel usable on any screen or device model. It provides block-chain based information about every BMW vehicle globally. And besides the vehicle’s technical specifications, you can also view the car’s history. And as such, you can avoid buying stolen or hijacked vehicles from criminals.

Additionally, a simple VIN search using this service lets you detect fake BMW numbers.


  • Helps in decision making
  • Robust data
  • Safe and reliable information


  • The site is not easily accessible in some regions
  • Data is not always 100% accurate

4. Toyota VIN Decoder

Toyota VIN Decoder

The Toyota VIN Decoder gives you the option to retrieve information on engine type and every engine specification. You can also match different parts of the vehicle to assess their genuineness. It also lets you cross-check whether the vehicle has had an illegal modification.

From this site, you can access the detailed history of your Toyota vehicle, including maintenance records, recall and safety checks, mileage history, images of the Toyota vehicle, and so much more. This information is available anywhere, as long as you have an internet device along with an internet connection.

The tool should be your great strength when you’re buying a Toyota vehicle and don’t know whether it has been stolen in the past or has any consumer complaints. Every information on its history is available, including details on insurance for a particular Toyota vehicle.


  • Information is up-to-date and latest, thanks to its very huge database
  • Data comes from reputable public and private organizations
  • Most details are available for free
  • You can get information on any car model regardless of the age of the model


  • Details are most relevant only for Toyota vehicles

5. AutoCheck

Autocheck automates its vehicle history reports and can provide information on used cars from the United States and Canada. It collaborates with Experian (a credit card company) to assist buyers, make better buying decisions, and help car dealers to explain car history to potential customers.

Many users, including auto dealers, U.S. auto auctions, and pre-owned manufacturer-certified programs, rely on Autocheck for significant and valuable information about the history of any vehicle. As you can see, it can generate reliable vehicle information relied upon by leading U.S. auto dealers.

It offers one of the best ways to determine the history of a vehicle because it uses criteria such as repossession statistics, business use, and the history of robbery. One major drawback with AutoCheck is that it is expensive to access its reports.


  • Reliable customer support
  • Quality and comprehensive vehicle reports
  • Provides a more comprehensive report on crash history for most customers
  • Unlimited reporting of vehicle information


  • It is an expensive VIN check platform
  • Lacks free vehicle reports


Q1: Can You Track a VIN Number?

A VIN offers one of the best and most effective ways to track a stolen car. A VIN is a unique code that identifies individual motor vehicles, towed cars, motorcycles, trailers, etc. It can help you check whether your vehicle is stolen and be able to locate it if stolen.

Q2: How Is VIN Diagnosed?

A VIN has three parts, each representing different information about a vehicle. The first three characters tell you the country and the company where it was manufactured. The next eight characters represent information about the vehicle’s specs, security check digit, model year, and assembly plant. The last six digits are a vehicle’s unique serial used to identify a particular vehicle within that manufacturer’s line of cars.


Free VIN Check gathers as much vehicle information as possible from different authentic sources and verifies them to confirm their reliability. It also updates its databases constantly to gain insights and identify inconsistencies across databases. Therefore, before you buy a used car, visit Free VIN Check to get authentic and reliable information about it.