10 Data Security Solutions To Use In 2023


Data breaches are increasing in frequency across the board for businesses and organisations. This begs the need for stricter data security solutions for organisations.

In this article, we discuss ten top data security solutions to use in 2023.

Data Encryption

Data encryption refers to a method of protecting data by changing its form to another or protecting it with an encryption key. Encrypted data can only be accessed by the decryption key or decryption password.

Data encryption is effective as a security solution only when the decryption key is protected and given only to those who need access. Many organisations use data encryption to protect their data by turning it into ciphertext.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Lately, passwords haven’t been strong enough to act as the only protective barrier between data and malicious hackers. Even if the password in question is strong, there are still ways that hackers can break through and access the data they’re after.

Multi-factor authentication is a second layer of security to protect your organisation’s data. The job of a multi-factor authenticator is to confirm the identity of the person trying to access the data before allowing them to log in. MFA could be a fingerprint, a code sent to a device or a confirmation request.

Use Of Firewalls

A firewall is a network security mechanism that monitors and controls traffic to and from your network. Firewalls allow or reject access based on the set security rules. A firewall isn’t as widely acclaimed as it used to be due to newer and more advanced methods of securing data. However, it is still relevant enough to be among the ten data security solutions of 2023.

So, invest in a good firewall and enjoy data security.

Identity Access Management

Identity Access Management is a framework that monitors all users and members of an organisation. This framework checks that users logging into the organisation can access the necessary tools. But more importantly, identity Access management also looks out for and weeds out weak passwords that are vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention refers to using software and tools to monitor and indicate any likely or actual data breach. It also checks for data extraction by flagging data access, extraction, loss, and misuse by any unsanctioned entity.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Security information and event management is a framework that monitors and analyses the activities on the security log. The SIEM is invaluable as a security solution because the data monitoring happens in real-time. While SIEM is an excellent tool for keeping your security, it is also expensive, making it difficult for everyone to afford.

Authentication and Authorisation

This security solution is a dual-strategy solution. The authentication part of this solution follows a process that confirms the user’s identity before giving them access to data stores. On the other hand, the authorisation aspect verifies the data a user has access to. With both of them working in tandem, organisations won’t have to deal with unauthorised access.

Anti-Virus / Anti-Phishing Solutions

Viruses and phishing are two of the most common methods hackers use to access data. Your organisation doesn’t have to be vulnerable to these methods, so, old or not, set up anti-viral, anti-phishing measures to protect against these data breach methods.

Data Masking

Data masking is a data security solution where sensitive data is disguised or modified to appear useless to outsiders and people who should have no access to it. With data masking, outsiders may still be able to access the data, but they won’t understand its importance. This makes the data safe from potential hackers.

Data Discovery and Classification

Data discovery helps organisations determine sensitive, structured, and unstructured data. This information stores and protects data according to its sensitivity and risk. Data discovery and classification increase data protection by identifying and securing the data that has the biggest risk of being attacked by hackers.


Data security solutions are just measures organisations adopt to ensure their sensitive data is protected, concealed, and secured from unauthorised people.


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