10 Easy Hacks for your Next Fishing Trip


If you have gone on a few Brisbane fishing trips, you know just how much fun you are going to have. If you have never gone on one, you are in for some ocean fun as you attempt to tackle fish weighing in at 200 pounds or more. Because this type of sporting adventure can leave you winded, to say the least, as well as unable to think quickly as the adrenaline of a bite rips your attention toward the ocean, you need to prepare yourself with as many tricks as you can in order to haul that fish into the boat. Doing so can save you time and energy. However, some of these hacks can also help you find trophy fish as opposed to ones that are destined to be tossed back overboard for another day.

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1. Local grub

When it comes to any fishing trip, you can maximize your chances of catching your limit by only using food fish already recognize. For instance, if you bring in fake flies or lures, you might not do as well as you would if you used local worms, grubs, or minnows. In terms of fishing on the open water, this might mean using shrimp, crab, or cut bait. When it comes to aroma, cut bait has the best chance of luring fish from afar.

2. Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses can help protect your eyes from the glare off the rippling, rolling waves. Since you will be standing or sitting at the side of a boat for hours, the sun will continuously flicker off these waves. This can give you a serious headache, and it can also keep you from noticing movement in the distant water.

3. Phone tapping

When you are out at sea, you might not be able to hear your phone. The waves can be loud, and the wind can be deafening. The solution is to wear a cap and fit the inside with a strap. If you then insert your phone beneath this strap, your phone will rest right next to your ear. With the phone in place, you can actually hear the conversation. This practice is known as hillbilly headphones.

4. Gloves

Protecting yourself from the sun will require you to use sunscreen. However, if you use gloves as you apply it, you can then remove the gloves. Removing the stained gloves ensures no sunscreen taints the bait.

5. Safety pins

You can use safety pins as makeshift treble hooks by looping the open pin with hooks. You can also use them to organize hooks. One of the best hacks is to use the loop of the safety pin as a repair kit for your pole. If you ever break or lose an eye on the pole, the safety pin loop makes a handy eye.


6. Rod bucket

You can glue PVC pipe to the inside of a bucket. Doing so will provide you steady pole holders, allowing you to grab the pole you need.

7. Eye to the sky

Although your skipper on a chartered boat will know the hot spots in the ocean by keeping in touch with other ships, you can lend a hand by watching for ocean scavengers or excited birds. If you spot any activity, you can bet that these animals are feeding. If they are feeding, you know the location of the fish.

8. Spring water

You should load up either a bucket or an ice chest with water. Doing so will allow you to rinse your line and your hooks. When fishing in the ocean, salty water will eventually evaporate, leaving behind just the salt and other minerals. As these minerals collect, they become like rocks in your gear. Simply put, you cannot cast with rocks caked on your line.

9. Weight works

Out on the ocean, you will need to weigh your hooks if you want them to descend into the depths. Heavy jigs will do the trick, and extra sinkers on your line will take your bait to the bottom.

10. Corks

When you are fishing, you will need to go into your tackle box for a variety of lures, hooks, and other gear. If you keep the hooks firmly embedded into corks from wine bottles, you can make sure never to jab your fingertip with a hook.

By: Mark Spencer

About the Author

Mark is the owner and director of True Blue Fishing company and a passionate deep sea fisher. He has a  wealth of experience about the wonders of fishing. He aims to share his years of expertise to enhance the experience of those seeking fun and knowledge in this type of adventure.


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