10 Fun Ways to Keep Your Guests Entertained All Night Long


It’s That Time

We get it – it is your turn to host the next dinner party and you need to find a way to spice up your evening. A little bit of organized fun never harmed anyone – but now you need to think of some ideas. This is where the dinner party fun comes into play. Although it might not be as fun and riveting like this online casino can offer, there are still alternatives to make the night fun and memorable.

Listed below are 10 fun ways to keep your guests entertained all night long and give them a night to remember!

10 Games to Play

1. Great Minds Think Alike

This is a game where you give every member of your party a Post-it note. Then, take it in turns to ask questions, everyone will write down an answer to one of the Post-it questions. The aim of the game is for you to match your answer to other people in the group. Every time people match the same answer, a point is awarded. The person who has the most points at the end wins the game. Questions can vary depending on what kind of party it is, like which celebrity you’d love to have a one-night stand with or the person in the group that can’t hold their drink. The more obscure to the group, the better!

2. Back to Back

This can be used as a drinking game. After dinner, ask the party to take turns standing back to back with each other. It is kind of similar to the ‘Most Likely’ style question, and whoever thinks it is them has to drink. If both parties take a drink, they have to drink again. If neither drink, they both have to drink!

Back to Back

3. Don’t Say Yes

It sounds easy, right? For the duration of the night, guests aren’t allowed to say the word ‘yes’ or any kind of variation of it, e.g. yeah, uh-huh, etc. If someone does, they have to take a drink. This could result in quite a few bottles of wine going down! (Think: what would you say when someone asks if you want a top-up of your drink?)

4. Categories

This is when each person at the party gets to pick a category, then the others have to take turns in naming something that fits that category. You can be as creative as you like, making them specific to the group!


5. Cards Against Humanity

This is a game that never gets old, bringing the most politically incorrect thoughts out into the open from your polite friends. Players start with ten cards, and the aim of the game is to complete the blanks with words and phrases that can cause the most laughs (but not always for the right reasons.) Learn more about your guests’ darker sides.

6. Murder Mystery

There is nothing better than this old-fashioned game to lift the spirits, and this is where Murder Mystery comes in. You can theme it to whatever vibe the night is, and give everyone some Cluedo-styled characters. Choose the ending and have fun!

7.  Make a Rule

When people arrive at the party, ask every member of the party to make up a rule. This could be anything from ‘not being allowed to use first names’ or ‘only allowed to drink using your left hand.’ Every time a rule is broken, call the person out and they have to do a forfeit. This will be a thing to keep the night hilarious.

8.  A Quiz

Sometimes to get people riled and competitive, passionate and laughing, the best thing to do is a classic quiz. As mentioned previously – spice it up and make it specific to the group! It can be a quiz about friendships, relationships, or anything you like.

9. Who Said It?

This one requires a bit more planning but can make a hilarious feature for the night. Go back and stalk your guests’ Facebook, Twitter, or any embarrassing form of social media and air out that dirty laundry. The rest of the guests have to guess who wrote it.

10. Never Have I Ever

Go back to your high school days and play a game that doesn’t require too much thought, but can lead to a lot of fun! Ask questions and take turns in revealing embarrassing stories. Learn more about your friends while sharing a laugh at the things you thought were forgotten.


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