10 Great Kits to Learn New Skills


Many of us are forced to stay at home to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus. But if there’s one good thing about being stuck at home during this pandemic, it’s the opportunity to learn new skills. Whether it’s mastering a new language, learning to bake, or discovering new musical talent, there is still plenty of time to acquire those skills before things eventually return to normal. Check out the following kits to help you that make learning new skills a pleasure (and not a chore):

1) A beer brewing kit

home brewing starting kit

Thanks to various home brewing kits available, brewing your own beer can be a relatively uncomplicated process. A variety of home brewing kits cater to everyone who dreams of making their own brews at home, whether they are beginners brewing their first beer or seasoned homebrewers who want to take their skills to the next level.

Each home brewing kit should contain the essential cleaning, measuring, fermenting, transferring and bottling tools, ingredients for making beer, and an instruction booklet and/or instruction DVD.

2) A chocolate truffle kit

cocoa covered chocolate truffles

Are you a chocoholic? Take your passion for chocolate to the next level by making your own melt-in-your-mouth gourmet chocolate truffles! These kits allow you to create incredibly easy but elegant-looking chocolate truffles that your guests will mistake as bought from a fancy chocolaterie. 

3) Houseplant kits

mossy terrarium

The pandemic has suddenly turned many people into “plant parents” who’d love to adorn their humble abode with lots of greens. Apart from beautifying your home, they help purify indoor air, promote cleaner surroundings, and most of all, relieve stress – which is important for these difficult and uncertain times. But for those living in high-rise apartments or those who don’t have a proper backyard, some alternatives will allow them to pursue their plant passions without using soil.

Hydroponics – Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants without soil. In the absence of soil, water does the work in providing nutrients, oxygen, and hydration to plants. You can grow almost all types of plants using this method, from ornamental plants to lettuce to even watermelons!

Air plants terrariums – Growing air plants might look like too much work, but actually, they’re incredibly easy to care for. Plus, they’re so cute, looking like an enclosed mini-garden.

4) A soap making kit

colorful soaps

Making your own soap from scratch is a combination of art and science. These soap-making kits are a great way to de-stress; plus, they help you yield some pretty Pinterest-worthy bath bars. Each soap-making kit should include ingredients for a soap base, essential oils, fragrances, and molds. They guarantee hours of fun; plus, you can turn them into a side business.

5) A candle making kit

candle making supplies on the table

Are you a fan of aromatherapy candles? Make your own scented candles for your bedroom or living room for décor or your bathroom for a relaxing spa day. These candle-making kits have everything you need if you’re the type who buys scented candles everywhere you go. Every candle kit should have the essential tools, such as wax, thermometer, melting pot, dye blocks, candle tins, stirring sticks, cotton wicks, glue dots, bow tie clips, instruction booklet and/or DVD, and warning labels.

6) A DIY cocktail kit

a red cocktail

If you’re feeling like a bartender of the day, a DIY cocktail kit will be the perfect answer. If you and your friends are stuck in a rut and miss your bar-hopping days, making drinks with these DIY cocktail kits will give a new spin to the phrase “happy hour”. They are guaranteed hours of endless fun and help you tap your cocktail-mixing skills.

7) Scale model building kits

scale model ship

Besides enhancing your skills, building scale models of cars, airplanes, ships, bicycles, etc., helps release stress and builds up your patience and concentration. These scale model kits allow for quality family time, too. There’s the unparalleled feeling of pride and satisfaction once you’ve finished your miniature plane or ship.

8) A cheese making kit

a man making cheese

Cheese lovers rejoice! Now you can make your own ricotta, mozzarella, burrata, goat cheese, string cheese, and lots of more wonderful cheeses at home with cheese-making kits. Even beginners and curious hobbyists will find these kits an incredibly easy and fun way to make their favorite cheeses. No wonder – these kits are designed to simplify the process of making cheese. Each cheese-making kit should include the following essential tools and ingredients: rennet (usually in tablet forms), citric acid, cheese salt, calibrated thermometer, fine cheesecloth, and straining bag. Depending on the type of cheese you’ll make, some kits may include other supplies, such as a mesophilic starter, calcium chloride, and flavorings.

9) A miniature house kit

a miniature house

These DIY miniature house kits are perfect for the kids and the kids at heart. These miniature house kits come with teeny-tiny versions of house parts, furniture pieces and accessories with incredible detail. It gives you the pleasure of imagining yourself being embedded in these small worlds, as well as the pleasure of looking at them from the outside. Like in many other small-scale model kits, building miniature house kits requires skill, talent, and enormous patience. 

10) A stained-glass making kit

stained glass making

The art of stained glass has been there for centuries, and you’d wonder whether they are complicated to create. But now with a variety of stained-glass making kits available, creating your own stained-glass masterpieces will be a relatively painless process. With kits such as those sold by Delphi Glass and other online shops, you can make dazzling stained-glass items for plates, vases, decorative pieces, wall hangings, and a lot more.

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