10 Interesting Facts about Donald Duck

The character of Donald Duck has been around for more than 80 years.

Before Daisy Duck became Donald Duck’s love interest, he had a crush on another girl named Donna, who did not feel the same way about him.

Donald Duck is the mascot of the University of Oregon and appears on the school’s merchandise and apparel.

Donald Duck has a twin sister named Dumbella, although her name has been changed in various cartoon episodes.

Donald Duck is partially colorblind.

The Donald Duck character won an Oscar in 1943 for the short film Donald Duck in NutziLand; which was an anti-Natzi cartoon.

The special microphone, called the Neumann TLM-170, has been used to record Donald’s voice, due to the crazy high pitched sounds he makes.

Donald Duck is the only known major Disney character, who has a known middle name. His middle name is Fauntleroy.

Donald Duck’s license plate number is 313, demonstrating how unlucky he is.

The twin chipmunks Chip and Dale are his greatest enemies.

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