10 Mistakes to Avoid for a Successful Blog


Are you a young, entrepreneurial woman living in the United States and looking for new career goals? Your children are older and now you have more time to learn new ways to grow your business with the help of the internet and social media? You opened your first blog linked to your business years ago but it’s not working? Do you feel professionally stagnant and think that the internet and current marketing strategies will help you out of your crisis? Then look no further, because below we will give you all the answers you need to make your career successful again.

Today everyone knows that expression that says “If you are not on the Internet, you do not exist” and the truth is that if a person or a company does not have a presence on the Internet, either through a blog or through the use of a major social network, no one will know it and will never get to have the success you are looking for. Statistics do not lie and they tell us that half of our time on the Internet is spent on consulting a blog, web pages or social network, using all this time to research on all kinds of topics, to entertain ourselves, or to make our purchases.

This data is very enlightening, as it makes it clear that people already prefer those companies that offer us digital solutions to make our personal purchases, jewelry, clothing, telephone accessories, professional services, decoration, etc.. Whatever we need, if we can find it online, the better. However, not all companies or professionals who have a presence on the Internet manage to have an appropriate number of visits and fail to attract real customers that bring them real benefits in the long term. The reason? Probably not having correctly applied the available online marketing strategies.

For all these reasons and with the intention of helping all thosewomen bloggers who have or intend to open a blog on the Internet to promote their business, we are going to give them an essential guide to learn how to manage a WordPress blog properly. We will discuss how SEO works and to avoid that all our efforts in the digitization of our business are not in vain.

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10 Mistakes to Avoid for a Successful Blog

Mistake 1. Not having a clear content strategy

Do you really know why you write and what you intend to achieve with each of your blog posts? Often the main mistake we make when we start a blog is not clearly establishing our objectives with it, causing all our publications to be random and lack a central purpose that gives them meaning. If your blog is not clear about what it writes about, the public will not be attracted to it, since your lack of continuity or originality with respect to a topic will push them away and make them prefer to read other blogs with a much firmer theme and objectives.

Solution: Before you start publishing your content, clearly establish your objectives. This way you will not only give your blog a uniform theme, but you will also be able to better analyze your progress in the short and long term.

Mistake 2. Not having correctly identified your audience

You already know what to write about, you have found a topic that appeals to you and you have good writing and marketing tools to make your articles reach your audience. Now, do you know who exactly is your audience? Who are you writing your blog for? Not knowing the answer to this question is another big problem that thousands of women bloggers have to face every day.

It is important to know who your content is aimed at because this way you will know what to offer them and what things they will find more interesting than others. Writing for married women over fifty is not the same as writing about modern teenagers; each audience has different needs and your duty will be to find out what they need in order to solve them through your online work.

Solution: Identify your audience and try to use online tools like Quora to contact them more directly and find out what interests or concerns them.

Mistake 3. User experience on your blog is poor

Did you know that according to Google most of the pages that take more than 3 seconds to load do not get any visualization and nobody knows about them? This is because the user experience on these blogs is poor, either because the structure of the content or the overall aesthetics of the site is not good, or because the loading time of the main page and secondary pages is too long. The user experience is key for a blog to reach a considerable number of visits and to be considered as a reference website on the Internet.

Solution: Invest a lot of time and money in improving the user experience of your blog, improving the image and the loading time of all the tabs so that those who browse it enjoy its contents and feel like visiting it again in the future.

Mistake 4. Your blog’s headlines are very boring

The content of a blog is the most important part we should work on to attract our audience, because if the content of your blog is poorly structured, boring, or contains serious grammatical errors, probably no one will want to visit it again. However, the titles that accompany all your articles are also very important, since they are the first thing users will see before clicking on your page. Are the titles and subtitles of your blog attractive and eye-catching? You have to think a lot about this aspect and find out if the titles you use will really catch the attention of your audience or if they need a radical change.

Solution: Consult with marketing and SEO professionals on ways to improve your copywriting and turn your headlines into attractive showcases for your online content.

Mistake 5. Not using keywords correctly

Nowadays the terms SEO and keyword are known worldwide to all blog owners, however, most of them still don’t know how to properly use keywords, more specifically long-tail keywords. Unlike short-tail keywords with a high search volume, long-tail keywords are more specific and have a much higher conversion rate than the others.

And despite the fact that these types of words tend to generate fewer visits and a lower volume of traffic, being so specific on a topic, those who end up finding a blog through them end up visiting it and generating some real benefit on that site. So it is worthwhile to find out a little more about what are the best long-tail keywords for our blog and integrate them properly throughout our content.

Solution: Find out which long-tail keywords are best for your blog and integrate them throughout all your content to attract a more effective audience in the long run.

Mistake 6. You don’t know what to write about

Another potential problem you may run into months after you start blogging is not knowing what to write about. Do you need more information about what your readers might be interested in? Then you should use the tools that social networks such as Facebook or Instagram provide us with, conducting quick surveys where your readers interact with you and let you know what interests them and what they would like to see on your blog.

Solution: Use the tools of the most popular social networks of the moment and get to know more closely all your followers to know what to write about later.

Mistake 7. You don’t add images in your articles

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and although it #may seem contradictory, in the world of blogging this also happens, since those blogs that lack good images in each of their publications do not end up attracting readers and do not generate the number of visits necessary to be successful. Users need to see quality images that give them a more realistic idea of what they are reading, making reading more enjoyable and providing a much more satisfying user experience.

Solution: Use images in all your posts that support the content you are writing about and use high volume keywords in each of them so that Google will detect them and generate traffic.

Mistake. 8 Not publishing regularly

One of the usual problems that any blogger can have when he has been blogging for a long time is the lack of continuity because at the beginning there is a lot of enthusiasm and the ideas are very fresh but with the passage of time and the lack of results that continuity is diluted. This is something that has to be avoided at all costs since the best blogs will always be those that guarantee a minimum of monthly content, so those who publish very little and in very separate periods of time will be penalized and will have hardly any visualization.

Solution: Create monthly and annual publication plans that schedule the publication of contents in the long term and that help us to organize the different topics that we are going to deal with each month.

Mistake 9. Not making calls to action in each post

A very common mistake among bloggers is to take things for granted because sometimes the reader needs clear instructions on what to do after reading each of your contents. If you want them to answer a form, comment on what you thought, or explain something specific about the topic you just discussed, the best thing to do is to tell them clearly through clear calls to action.

Solution: Use social media buttons so that users can share your content on their profiles and leave clear instructions on what you propose them to do through your post.

Mistake 10. Not measuring your progress

The best way to know if we are managing to increase our online visibility? Measuring our progress through specific online tools. This seems obvious but it is not always so, so don’t forget to use tools like Google Analytics to keep track of your blog’s progress day by day.

Solution: Use tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights to provide you with real data on the progress your blog is making.

Take these blogging tips to heart and you will be on your way to success!


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