10 Myths About Auto Accident Busted


You will be surprised at the number of myths about car accidents which are still believed today. Unfortunately many people end up having to pay for the consequences just because they weren’t thoroughly informed about it before. Today we are going to bust 10 common auto accident myths.

1. My Insurance Company Will Pay For Everything

Insurance companies have to make profit like any other company. Don’t even think for a moment that your insurance company will immediately side with you and cover all the damage expenses. If you have this mindset you will end up losing much more than you think.

Your insurance company will try to undermine the extent of losses you have incurred. They will also withhold as much money as they possibly can from you. The best way you can get something from an insurance company is to have your auto accident lawyer negotiate with them.

2. It Was The Opposite Party’s Fault So I Don’t Need A Lawyer

Unfortunately this is not how it works. You will need to prove and defend your claim which will require completing a lot of legal procedures. If your opponent files a case, you will need some with experience to represent you in court.

The opposite party will do their best to inflict the blame upon you. If you have suffered major financial and property losses; even if you weren’t the one who caused the accident, you should hire a good lawyer.

3. I Need To Accept The Opposite Party’s Compensation No Matter How Small It Is

This is one crucial mistake which you don’t want to make. Keep in mind that you are absolutely not required to make contact with the opposite party’s insurance company. They don’t have your best interests in mind and will do anything they can to get away with giving you a proper return.

The initial offer might seem like a lot at first but you will never know the losses you have suffered until a professional makes it clear to you. You might also develop injuries later which will result in uncompensated medical bills.

4. I Don’t Need To Call 911, It Was A Small Accident

The law requires you to call 911 no matter how small the accident is. Even if no one was injured in the accident or no major damage has been suffered by either party, do not neglect calling 911. If the opposite party was at fault, they might want to keep the police out of the situation. Even if you are doubtful, let the police handle the situation.

5. I Feel Absolutely Fine, I Don’t Need A Checkup

Just because you feel fine doesn’t mean you actually are. In a traumatic situation like an accident you are bound to be less susceptible to feeling any physical pain due to shock or anxiety. Make sure to get a proper checkup regardless of your feelings.

6. I Don’t Need Any Evidence, It Was Obviously The Other Party’s Fault

Having proper evidence to back up your claim is crucial for winning any accident case. Don’t forget to collect all the evidence you can no matter how insignificant they might seem. Take pictures of the accident scene, note down license plate numbers, get contact information of people who witnessed the accident and other information which can serve as evidence.

7. I Won’t Receive Any Compensation Because My Injuries Are Minor

You will not know how much compensation you deserve right away. Some minor injuries can escalate to bigger ones in a few days. Furthermore if you need long term treatment for your injuries they should also be included in your compensation. Your lawyer will help you receive the exact compensation you are due.

8. I Have To Take The Blame Because I Feel Like I Was Partially At Fault

You should never take the blame even if you feel like you are partially responsible for it. Your statement will be used as evidence and you could end up losing a lot especially if the other party was injured or suffered property damages during the accident.

9. If I Leave The Scene I Can Avoid The Consequences

The golden rule of any car accident is to never leave the scene of the accident. This is a huge mistake and you will end up facing more severe consequences if you get caught.

10. I Have To Clear Up This Mess On My Own

Remember that car accidents are very stressful situations which no one should go through on their own. Always seek the help of professionals and lawyers who can help you get through this situation.


It is always recommended to never handle the aftermath of a car accident on your own. You are probably not well informed and this could be used against you by the party at fault. Always seek the help and advice of trusted professionals before you make any major decision.

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