10 Other Ways to Use Silica Gel Packets That You Didn’t Know


You know these little packets that come with your food and medicinal products that are labeled: “Do not eat”? These are silica gel packets, which are desiccants that absorb moisture from their surroundings, keeping food and medicine from spoilage.

These silica gel packets are usually discarded according to instructions, but you can put them to use in other ways. You will be surprised by how versatile they are!

1. Protect your leather shoes from moisture and odor

a line of men’s leather shoes

Moisture can damage shoes, especially leather shoes, resulting in fungal growth and a funky smell. These silica gel packets can help combat moisture in shoes, keeping their quality intact. That explains why you find silica gel packets in new shoes.

Of course, you can put these silica gel packets in used shoes when you aren’t wearing them. They will help absorb moisture and keep the insides of your shoes dry and free from odor.

2. Preserve important documents, photos, and memorabilia

documents file folders

Put silica gel packets into any box, folder, or container where you keep your important documents, photos, collectibles, and any other memorabilia. These packets will help keep them dry and well-preserved for many years to come.

3. Protect your electronics

camera and lens

Some electronics, especially electronics that feature a lens or a screen, are sensitive to condensation and moisture. Place silica gel packets alongside electronics like cameras, flashlights, cell phones, smartphones, and other equipment together in their own cases when not in use or when traveling.

4. Keep dry pet food fresh

pet biscuits

Bags of dry pet foods usually come with silica gel packets to prevent them from moisture. Transfer dry pet food to an airtight container and place a couple of silica gel packets. This way, your dry pet food will be free from moisture and stay fresh.

5. Preserve tablets and pills

a bottle of capsules, with some of them spilling out

If you keep pills, vitamins, and other medications in your bathroom medicine cabinet, put a silica gel packet in each bottle to help them keep dry. Bathrooms are humid areas, so your pills and other medications are exposed to humidity every time you open the bottle. Even a bit of moisture can even cause some pills to dissolve quickly. So, packets of silica gels will help address this problem.

6. Prevent silverware from getting tarnished

beautiful silverware, tied with a white ribbon

Moisture can cause silverware to tarnish quickly. Put a couple of silica gel packets in your jewelry box or silverware storage box. They will prevent them from tarnish, or at least, slow it down.

7. Keep fog away from your car windshield

person driving under the rain

One of the common issues during the winter or rainy season is the presence of fog in the car windshield. Put a few silica gel packets right in front of your car’s dashboard. They will absorb some of the excess moisture that caused the fog to form on your car’s windshield. You will see a big difference!

8. Keep your gym bags fresh

unknown woman packing safety belt in a gym bag

Gym bags are used to store shoes, socks, towels, clothes, and sports and workout gear, all of which are prone to sweat and moisture, especially after use. Putting a few silica gel packets will help absorb moisture and odor, keeping your gym bag fresh.

9) Preserve flowers

dried preserved flowers

Many people want to preserve flowers that have a special memory associated with them, such as flowers from a wedding bouquet or flowers they received from their first date. The most popular way of preserving these blooms is to press them. However, you can also use silica gel beads to retain the flowers’ natural shape and color.

To do that, you will need lots of silica gel packets or buy a big bag of silica gel beads. Line a container with about an inch of silica gel beads. Then, place the flowers on a bed of silica gel beads, with petals left exposed on the top. Seal the container and leave it for a week before opening it, revealing beautifully preserved dried blooms.

10. Preserve your holiday decorations

holiday decorations

The first thing one would notice when taking Christmas decorations out of their storage boxes is the funky and even moldy odor. Prevent your holiday decorations from tarnish and moisture by storing silica gel packets alongside them.

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