10 Places in Europe worth the Flower Travel


With the most beautiful flowers blooming all around the gardens, coastlines, meadows, and mountains in Europe in spring season, more tourists are coming in to witness a spectacular natural landscape of colors. If you are planning to travel to the continent of Europe, check these most gorgeous places filled with flowers and plan your tours with your family and friends. Here is a list of 10 places in Europe worth the flower travel suggested by Little Flower Hut Florist:

Gargano, Italy

Scenic view of Peschici, Foggia Province, Puglia (Italy)

Discover Gargano, Italy, a hidden gem that captivates nature enthusiasts, especially those who admire flowers. Nestled in the Puglia region, Gargano isn’t just another Italian landscape.  It’s a botanical wonderland! Each spring, Gargano transforms into a vibrant tapestry of colors with its renowned wildflower bloom, showcasing dazzling orchids, including rare species unique to the region.

Gargano is more than its floral beauty. It’s where the azure Adriatic Sea meets the lush Umbra Forest, a primeval woodland resembling a fairy tale. This diverse environment provides a sanctuary for various wildlife, offering birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts an unforgettable experience.

Moreover, the region’s rich history is woven into its charming towns and ancient architecture, allowing visitors to join in culture and beauty simultaneously. The blend of natural and historical wonders, along with the warm hospitality of the locals, makes Gargano an irresistible destination for those seeking a journey that delights all the senses. 

Westjiitland, Denmark

Fornæs lighthouse at the Baltic Sea coast near Grenaa, Djursland, Denmark. Rape filed in foreground

West Jutland, Denmark, is a place of serene beauty and understated charm, perfect for those who appreciate the quieter, more contemplative side of travel. Unlike the bustling cities and popular tourist spots, West Jutland offers a peaceful escape into a world where nature’s beauty is in abundance.

This region is known for its rugged coastline, where the North Sea meets wide sandy beaches and towering dunes. It’s a landscape that changes with the seasons, each bringing its own unique beauty. In spring and summer, the coastal heaths and meadows bloom with wildflowers, painting the landscape in soft hues. This natural display is a delightful treat for anyone who loves the simple elegance of wild nature.

West Jutland is also steeped in history, with ancient churches, lighthouses, and traditional Danish villages dotting the landscape. It’s a place where the past and present blend seamlessly, allowing visitors to step back in time while enjoying modern Danish hospitality.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, West Jutland is a haven. The windswept beaches are perfect for long walks, kite flying, and even horseback riding. The area is also known for its impressive birdlife, making it a great spot for birdwatching. And let’s not forget the dramatic sunsets over the North Sea, which are truly a sight to behold.

In essence, West Jutland, Denmark, is a destination that offers tranquility, natural beauty, and a deep sense of connection to the land and its history. It’s a place where you can slow down, breathe deeply, and appreciate the simple joys of nature and quietude, making it a worthwhile journey for those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Azores, Portugal


The Azores, an archipelago in Portugal, is a destination that’s like stepping into a vibrant painting come to life. This cluster of nine islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is a paradise for those who crave natural beauty, adventure, and tranquility.

Each island in the Azores has its own unique charm, but they all share breathtaking landscapes that range from rolling green hills and ancient volcanic craters to stunning coastlines and crystal-clear waters. These islands are a haven for nature lovers. You can hike along trails that wind through lush, unspoiled forests, discover hidden waterfalls, and explore the mysterious depths of dormant volcanic caverns.

The Azores are also a marine wonderland. The surrounding waters are teeming with life, making it an ideal spot for whale watching, swimming with dolphins, and diving. The rich marine biodiversity here is a treasure trove for ocean enthusiasts.

But it’s not just about nature; the Azores have a rich cultural heritage too. The islands are dotted with charming villages, where life moves at a gentler pace. Here, you can immerse yourself in the local culture, savoring delicious Portuguese cuisine, particularly seafood, and experiencing the warm hospitality of the Azorean people.

One of the most striking aspects of the Azores is the feeling of being somewhere truly remote and untouched. The islands’ isolation has preserved their beauty and ecological importance, making them a prime destination for sustainable tourism.

Bonn and Dusseldorf, Germany

Bonn, Germany - April 21 2018: Cherry Blossom treelined street springtime

Bonn and Düsseldorf, nestled in the heart of Germany, offer a unique and enchanting experience for flower enthusiasts and travelers seeking natural beauty. These cities, though distinct in character, both bloom with vibrant colors and charm, especially in the spring and summer months.

Bonn, famously known for its Cherry Blossom Festival, transforms into a picturesque dream during spring. Imagine walking down streets canopied with soft pink cherry blossoms, creating a tunnel of flowers that seem straight out of a fairy tale. This magical display not only provides stunning visuals but also a delightful, fragrant ambiance. It’s not just about the cherry blossoms; the city is dotted with parks and gardens where a variety of flowers bloom, creating a patchwork of colors and scents. This floral splendor, combined with Bonn’s rich cultural heritage as the birthplace of Beethoven, makes it a destination that appeals to both nature lovers and culture enthusiasts.

Düsseldorf, on the other hand, offers a more urban take on floral beauty. The city’s parks and gardens, such as the Nordpark with its Japanese Garden, burst into life with meticulously arranged flower displays. The blend of modern cityscape with natural beauty is seamless here, offering a refreshing and relaxing environment. Düsseldorf’s riverside setting also adds to its charm, with promenades perfect for leisurely strolls amidst the backdrop of blooming trees and flower beds. The city’s vibrant art and fashion scenes, combined with its floral beauty, create a unique experience that’s both visually and culturally enriching.

Together, Bonn and Düsseldorf showcase the diverse beauty of Germany’s urban and natural landscapes. Their floral displays offer a feast for the senses, making them must-visit destinations for anyone who appreciates the simple yet profound beauty of flowers.

Provence, France

colorful fields of lavender at valensole plateau, France

Provence, France, is a destination that seems to have leapt out of a dreamy Impressionist painting. Known for its picturesque landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, Provence is a treasure trove for travelers, especially those who are captivated by the beauty of flowers and nature.

The most iconic image of Provence is undoubtedly its lavender fields. From late June to August, the region is blanketed in a sea of purple, creating a stunning, almost surreal landscape. The sight of these endless rows of lavender, under the bright Provençal sun, is matched by their soothing fragrance that fills the air. This enchanting scene is more than just a visual delight; it’s an immersive experience that engages all the senses. Lavender is not only beautiful but deeply ingrained in the local culture, used in everything from cuisine to traditional crafts.

But Provence’s floral charm doesn’t end with lavender. The region is also adorned with sunflower fields, olive groves, and vineyards, painting a diverse palette of colors and textures across the countryside. The mild climate and abundant sunshine nurture an array of flora, making Provence a year-round garden.

Beyond its natural beauty, Provence is rich in history and culture. It’s a region where you can wander through ancient Roman ruins, explore quaint hilltop villages, and enjoy the local culinary delights, including world-renowned wines and traditional Provençal cuisine. The combination of stunning landscapes, cultural depth, and the relaxed, sunny lifestyle of the South of France makes Provence not just a travel destination, but an experience that stays with you long after you leave. Whether you’re a nature lover, a history enthusiast, or simply seeking beauty and tranquility, Provence offers a timeless allure that is truly captivating.

Lisse, Holland

Lisse, Netherlands - May 7, 2016: Keukenhof park, Netherlands. Flower bed of colourful tulips in spring. Colorful tulips in the Keukenhof park, Netherlands. Fresh blooming tulips in the spring garden. Blooming flowers in Keukenhof

Lisse, a charming town in Holland, is a must-visit for flower enthusiasts, renowned for its breathtaking Keukenhof Gardens. Known as the “Garden of Europe,” Keukenhof bursts into life each spring with over 7 million flowers, creating a dazzling display of colors and scents. Tulips, in all their vibrant varieties, are the stars here, painting the landscape with a stunning array of hues.

The beauty of Lisse extends beyond Keukenhof, with surrounding tulip fields offering a mesmerizing view of nature’s artistry. The vast, colorful fields are a testament to Holland’s rich flower culture and provide a perfect backdrop for unforgettable photographs and serene walks.

A visit to Lisse during tulip season is not just a visual delight; it’s an immersive experience into the world of flowers, offering peace, joy, and the beauty of spring in full bloom. Whether you’re a nature lover or simply seeking a picturesque escape, Lisse is a destination that captivates and enchants.

Cornwall, England

Beautiful Sunset over wild poppy fields in north Cornwall

Cornwall, nestled in England’s southwestern corner, is a captivating blend of stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Famous for its rugged coastline and idyllic beaches, Cornwall offers a paradise for beachgoers and nature lovers. Dramatic cliffs, golden sands, and hidden coves create a breathtaking landscape that’s perfect for hiking, surfing, or simply relaxing.

The region’s mild climate nurtures a variety of lush gardens, like the Lost Gardens of Heligan and the Eden Project, making it a haven for garden enthusiasts. These gardens display a dazzling array of both native and exotic plants, showcasing Cornwall’s botanical diversity.

Beyond its natural wonders, Cornwall is steeped in history and folklore, with historic towns and villages dotting its landscape. It’s a place rich in tales, from King Arthur to its maritime past. The local cuisine, including the famous Cornish pasty, adds to the charm of this picturesque region.

Cornwall is more than just a travel destination; it’s an experience of serene beauty, fascinating history, and warm hospitality, making it a perfect escape for those seeking tranquility and a touch of adventure.


Old buildings decorated with flowers in the village of Kaysersberg in Alsace, France

During the summer and spring, France reveals its stunning natural tapestry, particularly notable in the Dordogne region and the South of France, where vast fields of sunflowers bloom in radiant golden yellow. These sunflower fields, iconic and picturesque, stretch across the landscape, offering a vivid contrast against the clear blue skies, embodying the quintessential French summer.

The beauty of these fields peaks in late June, where sunflowers not only adorn the countryside but also grace the hillsides and the Mediterranean coastline. This creates a captivating scene where the cheerful sunflowers set against the backdrop of rolling hills and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, offering a tranquil yet mesmerizing sight.

These sunflower fields in France are more than just natural attractions; they capture the essence of the warm seasons, providing a visually stunning and soulful experience for visitors, encapsulating the charm and serenity of the French landscape.


Barcelona, Spain - October 16 2021: Mercat de la Concepció (built in 1888) in the centre of Barcelona, one of the oldest of Barcelona. Today is known to be the flower market of Barcelona.

Collserola Park, located in Barcelona, is a haven for nature enthusiasts, boasting a rich diversity of indigenous flowers—the most in the Catalan capital. This expansive urban forest, one of the largest in the world, enjoys a Mediterranean climate and is home to an impressive variety of trees, including oaks, holm oaks, and white pines. While spring is undoubtedly the most vibrant season for flowers, with an abundance of blooms, other seasons also offer floral delights. For instance, almond trees blossom in winter, typically in January, with their delicate white and pink flowers providing a stark contrast to the bare branches of other trees. Additionally, yellow jasmine, a large and beautiful flower, graces the park with its presence from April to August, spanning both spring and summer.

Barcelona, as a whole, is a fascinating destination with numerous sightseeing opportunities. If you’re looking to explore as much of the city as possible in a short amount of time, consider taking the Hop-on Hop-off Barcelona tour. This flexible option allows you to experience all the attractions on a round trip, with the freedom to hop off, explore a sight, and then continue your journey. Plus, you’ll enjoy recorded audio commentary in more than ten languages as you travel, enriching your experience even further.

Crete, Greece

Coastal landscape at Vlyxada on Crete, Greece

Crete, Greece’s largest island, is a mesmerizing blend of breathtaking landscapes, ancient history, and vibrant culture. This sun-drenched island is renowned for its diverse scenery – from the pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, such as Elafonissi and Balos, to the rugged mountains and fertile plains that dominate the interior. The island’s natural beauty extends to its famous gorges, like the Samaria Gorge, which offer adventurous hiking trails through dramatic landscapes. Crete’s coastline is a treasure trove of hidden coves and expansive sandy beaches, inviting visitors to relax and soak in the Mediterranean sun.

The island’s rich history adds depth to its natural beauty. Crete is the birthplace of the Minoan civilization, one of the earliest in Europe, leaving behind incredible archaeological sites like the Palace of Knossos. These ancient ruins tell a story of a sophisticated and advanced society that once thrived on the island. Crete’s historical tapestry continues through its charming villages and towns, where traditional Greek life can be experienced. The Cretan cuisine, known for its fresh ingredients and unique flavors, is a culinary delight, offering a taste of the island’s cultural heritage. Combined with the warm hospitality of its people, Crete offers a genuine and enriching Greek island experience.

Fun Tips!

  • Photography Workshops: Participate in a photography workshop or spend time capturing the vibrant colors and designs of the gardens.
  • Picnics Amidst the Blooms: Having a picnic amidst the fragrant and picturesque settings can be a delightful experience.
  • Garden Tours: Join guided tours to learn about the history, types of flowers, and garden design. These tours are often available in major gardens and offer insights you might miss if exploring on your own.
  • Painting and Art Classes: In areas with a rich art history, you can find painting classes that allow you to capture the beauty of the flowers on canvas.
  • Flower Festivals and Shows: Europe hosts several flower festivals and shows, such as the Chelsea Flower Show in London. These events offer unique displays, gardening workshops, and the chance to see rare and exotic flowers.
  • Biking Through Flower Fields: There are different regions like the tulip fields in the Netherlands, renting a bike and cycling through the fields is a fantastic way to see the flowers and enjoy the countryside.
  • Wine Tasting Near Flower Regions: Many beautiful flower regions in Europe are also known for their vineyards. For example, after visiting the Lavender fields in Provence, you could enjoy wine tasting at a local vineyard.
  • Botanical Workshops: Participate in botanical workshops where you can learn about the local flora, how to care for different types of flowers, and even create your own flower arrangements.
  • Local Cuisine and Markets: Exploring local markets and trying regional cuisine in areas famed for their flower attractions can add a cultural dimension to your trip.
  • Evening Light Shows: Some gardens might offer special evening events or light shows, which can be a magical experience.


Europe’s floral splendor offers a kaleidoscope of colors and experiences that enchant visitors from around the world. Its diverse landscapes offer a spectacular array of destinations for flower enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. These destinations are not just about the visual splendor of flowers; they’re about the experiences they offer.So, pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready to embark on a vibrant journey through Europe’s most stunning flower destinations.

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