10 Powerful Morning Habits To Help You Lose Weight


Rise and shine! Certainly, that’s the easiest and simplest way to lose weight. Yeah, it’s true, but often, a lot of people tend to neglect it! Rising early and following a disciplined lifestyle can bring a lot of changes.

Losing your weight can appear to be quite impossible at times but trust me, it doesn’t mean that you will have to put yourself on strike for food.

All you need is to incorporate a few habits to your lifestyle and cut off some of them from your daily regimen, and you shall be done!

Here are a few powerful morning habits listed below to help you lose weight easier:

Soak yourself in the sunshine

Just as the old adage goes, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”; it is important that you take up that morning sunshine.

Studies reveal that people who are exposed to moderate sunlight usually have lower BMIs than people who are exposed to the sun during a later part of the day. A lack of Vitamin D or sunshine can lead to a deficiency of synchronization of your body’s internal clock. Also, it can affect your body metabolism, which, in turn, may result in weight gain.

Start your day with a high protein portion

A lot of people aspiring to lose weight are seen to skip their breakfast as they think that eating less will ultimately help them to lose weight faster. However, that’s a myth.

Breakfast is the most important meal of your entire day. Therefore, don’t let yourself rush for fillings until your lunch, rather have a high protein breakfast that would cut your cravings and help you in losing weight. Sources like nuts, eggs, Greek yogurt and chia seeds are rich in protein and including them into your diet is surely going to help!

Consuming a high protein diet would eradicate your post-meal cravings, which is certainly helpful than intaking a normal protein diet. Also, it would reduce your hunger hormone, ghrelin, something that leads to your appetite.

Drink an ample amount of water

Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the important is not just helpful to eliminate the toxins from your body, but at the same time, it increases your energy expenses. Thus, you tend to burn more calories than you would otherwise do!

Start your day by drinking at least a glass or two of water right after you have brushed your teeth. Besides, you must drink a minimum of 2-3 liters of water in a day!

Drinking water doesn’t count a lot of effort, isn’t it? All you need is to remind yourself, and you can do that by setting the alarm and thus, drinking water every time the alarm rings up!

Weigh yourself at regular interval

Motivation and self-control are the two most important factors when you are on a weight loss program. Weigh yourself every morning, and the scale can definitely keep you on a check.

Putting yourself on the scale on a regular basis will boost your confidence, and you will remain on a self-disciplined schedule. Thus, your calorie intake and all the ill-habits will remain under control.

Stay focused

Focus is something that most of us tend to lack! It is important that you understand that you are on a program that can’t happen overnight. Stay focused on your goal, and you are sure to meet your targets.

Make yourself seated amidst nature and take in some fresh air. Practice mindfulness by positioning yourself in a comfortable posture with your back fixed straight in a calm location. It is pretty simple, but effective! All you need is to connect to your senses.

Do some exercise

Doing a bit of free-hands and performing aerobic exercises can yield you long term benefits. Performing aerobics at different times of the day has proved that people doing it during the morning are receiving higher benefits than the ones doing the same during the afternoon.

Also, doing some exercise during the morning such as morning yoga would actually keep your blood sugar level right. This is because people with low blood sugar level tend to feel hungry quite frequently!

Have home-cooked meals

One of the major reasons for being overweight is obviously none other than having too much of junks in your diet. Prefer consuming home-cooked meals instead, as they would be less spicy. Studies say that people consuming home-made foods five times in a week are less likely to be overweight than the rest!

Also, meals prepared at homes generally contain all the necessary nutrients that give the right portion to your body and keep you healthy!

An optimum amount of sleep

Sleep deprivation can lead you to weight gain. Make sure that you are able to take a nap for at least 8 hours a day at a stretch.

It might be difficult for people with a busy schedule. However, skipping a good night’s rest can be one of the major reasons for your increased appetite.

Alter your means of commutation

Driving off to work might be the easiest option for you! However, prefer to make some changes now!

Walk down to work if possible or take some public transport as that will help you burn more calories and add to your weight loss plan.

Keep a note of the amount you are intaking

Take a note of the amount of calories you are intaking in a day and that of the amount you are burning out throughout the day. You can either do it on a pen and paper or opt to track it via an application.

This will help you keep a check, and you will be able to monitor your consumption accordingly. It is important to keep a balance between your foods. In case you cheat for a day, make sure that you make it up on the other day.

Eat well! Exercise! And sleep well!

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