10 Professional Tips on How to Improve UX Design


UX or User Experience determines how good your product is to the customer. It is an intricate process of improving user’s satisfaction with your product or service. If you can make a website or application easy to use for a user, you are ensuring excellent UX design.

The creative UX design also covers the user interface, aka UI. Therefore, both terms UI and UX are used interchangeably. Nevertheless, UI is a subset of UX that deals with the entire process of product integration and acquisition.

Basic UX design principles

WhyThe basic UI-UX design process tries to answer three aspects of product development-Why, What, and How.

It involves the motivation of the users to use your product or application. If you can generate values and views that will inspire a consumer to choose your product, your UX design has answered the WHY.


It is associated with the functionality of the product or application. What can a consumer do with the product? What features of this product will make life a bit easier for the user? The WHAT of the UX design needs to deal with these queries.


It deals with the accessibility of the product. The user should be able to use it easily. Besides, it should create pride or meaningful experiences while owning the product or application.

How to Improve the Benefits of UX Design

1. Make the Vocabulary Flexible

There are many bad UX design examples available in the industry. However, none of them can beat a design with technical jargon and terms like phenomenology or heuristics.

Technical vocabulary is excellent for your UX design team meeting. Nevertheless, it will not be pleasant for the clients. If you want to improve UX design, talk in the customer’s language.

This flexible approach with vocabulary will not only align the clients with the design but also display your voices and original ideas more vividly.

2. Maintain the Flow

If you want to deliver the best stories of product development in the form of UX design, make the journey smooth. Consider a website as a road made with yellow bricks. If a user can go smoothly to his/her destination, your design has done a great job.

Try to maintain consistency and use attractive materials to attract attention.

3. Think out of the Box

One of the advantages of UX design is it will make you think out of the box. If the task is overwhelming, take a break and nurture some ideas while discussing it with your design team members.

It will have a two-fold advantage. Firstly, you can diversify your mind from the routine, and secondly, sharing ideas will develop empathy and appreciation among the team members.

4. Test and Monitor

Old school usability testing still works excellent to develop any product or application. You can arrange a few user-testing days in your office to both text and monitor the end results.

Observing people using the application, listening to their live experience, and comparing the website metrics can be an excellent way to both monitor and test the UX design.

This combined approach will show either there are any flaws in the design, or it is a success. Besides, you can take a data-supported decision for the improvement.

5. Inform and Educate the User

It’s not always the design that can go wrong. Sometimes, the consumers need to know how to take maximum advantages of the design. Therefore, a UX design team needs to educate and inform the greatness of the design.

Some of the leading UX design agencies now spend plenty of resources to educate the consumers. One of the best ways to inform consumers is to take it to social media platforms.

The more engagement you can create with the consumers, the more smooth the journey will be.

6. Get Social for Success

Social networks are the best way to communicate directly with your clients. This effective and cost-effective medium is an excellent opportunity to get the pulse of the consumer community.

Active engagement in the multiple social networks will promote the design. Moreover, it will generate an opportunity for consumers to express how they feel about the product or application.

Such live feedback is always crucial to improve UX design. If a consumer’s word matters to you, get social to be successful.

7. Responsive Web Design

Web pages, currently, are accessed from multiple devices with diverse display configurations. Thus, it is essential to develop pages that can be accessed from almost any device with minimum tilting, resizing, and panning.

Moreover, the reading and navigation experience needs to be as smooth as melted butter! These are some of the essential features of responsive web design, aka RWD.

Successful implementation of RWD on your pages will ensure improvement in UX design.

8. Ask the Users

Social media networks are great for live feedback. However, it is best to hear it directly from the users. Leading UI-UX design studios goes for a direct interview with the clients. At an affordable budget, it offers essential information about the user experience.

You can pick some of the most active users and invite them for a user-experience interview. Along with loyalty, it will also develop trust among consumers.

9. Customer Survey can be the Goldmine

Surveys are the mine of consumer behavior data. These numbers will tell you about the user experiences in smart voices and the original tone. No matter if there is an issue with the homepage and inbox or purchase process, you will learn about it immediately.

You need to ensure that the customer support and tech team has a close tie to use this survey feedback. Otherwise, this unlimited access to the consumer’s mind won’t help to resolve design limitations.

10. Read and Research

Set aside some time to review the most recent developments and updates in the UX design. This habit is essentil to know the industry trend and evolution of consumer’s behavior.

Personal communication with the leading UX designers and the informative forum can be of great help.


All of the ten tips on how to improve UX design is collected from the market leaders in UX design. Correctly following them will help you to improve the design and user experience of the product or application.

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