10 Questions to Ask Before You Consider Installing Solar Panels


If the energy costs of your home or business are high, or the power is unreliable, you have probably thought of switching to solar energy. Solar energy is tapped from a renewable energy source (the sun), and it has numerous benefits like achieving energy independence and reducing carbon footprint. Many homeowners and business owners are switching to solar energy to establish a reliable ecosystem of power that sustains their homes and business. SEM Power is a premium commercial solar company. You can contact us for quality solar panel installation in Tampa by SEM Power.

If you’re new to solar power, the one question that most people have when considering buying solar panels is how sufficient the solar system is for their businesses and homes. The following are ten important questions that people usually have when considering buying solar panels. Also, read on to know if it’s safe to put solar panels on the roof of an extension.

1. Is My Roof Ready for Solar Panels?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether your roof can support a solar panel system. If your roof is battered or rusty, you should probably repair or replace it before putting solar panels. If you prioritize solar panels before the much-needed roof repairs or replacement, you may needlessly spend more money down the road because of the burden of dismantling and re-installing the solar panels. You should also check the shape and size of the roof to make sure that it is enough for the solar panels. Additionally, you should check to see whether the roof can support the weight of the solar panels and whether some components of the solar panels can block water during rains.

2. What are My Power Needs?

In other words, can the solar panels that you’re planning to buy sustain your needs? The power needs are not hefty for homes, but for businesses, especially manufacturing firms, the energy requirements would be high. And so, you want to measure your home or business power needs before finding the solar panels that suit you.

3. Do the Solar Panels Have a Warranty?

Quality solar panels are generally durable. You can rely on them for upwards of 25 years. But you should prioritize solar panels that come with good warranties to protect yourself from various misfortunes.  Top-performing solar companies usually offer excellent warranties as they are 100% confident in their product.

4. What are the Maintenance Requirements?

The build of the solar panels can determine the type of maintenance you are required to offer. Some of the common maintenance duties include investing in corrosion deterrents, eliminating debris, and protecting wires. You need comprehensive information about the maintenance of the solar panels. Poor maintenance of some components of the solar panels can increase the degradation rate.

5. What are My Current Energy Costs?

Generally, solar energy appeals to people that are looking for ways to cut their energy costs. Is the cost of your electricity way down? If your electricity costs are down, there might not be a need to cross over to solar energy.  But if the cost of electricity is high, that’s a good motivation to switch.

6. Is My House or Business Ideal for Solar Energy?

Solar energy is tapped from the sunlight. And so, it’s important to ask yourself whether your house is suited for solar energy. For instance, is your home or business located in an area with lots of sunshine, or is it located in a closed-off area with lots of shade? Is your roof exposed to the sun, or are there other structures on top of your house?

7. What is the Price of the Solar Panels?

At the end of the day, solar panels are products, and it’s for the customer to decide whether the price is equivalent to the value. And so, if you’ve thought of switching to solar energy, you need to find out whether you can afford it or whether you deem the price appropriate.

8. What Financing Options Do I Have?

Solar energy systems don’t come cheap. And so, not everyone is in a position to dig into their pockets and pay the total price. You need to find out whether you can access loans to make it easy to pay off the solar panels and save money.

9. What Type of Solar Panels Suits You?

There are different types of solar panels, and their differences can affect their costs, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. You need to find out what types of solar panels are available and decide what type is ideal for you.

10. Are the Solar Panels Durable?

Solar panels won’t last forever because they experience slow degradation. Generally, quality solar panels can last anywhere from 25-30 years. Inquire about their estimated lifetime.

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