10 Reasons Why Free Slots are the Shizzle

Slots are one of the most popular types of online gambling, which is likely due to how easy they are to pick up and play. In free slots games you are not going to be playing for real cash, but there is no risk of losing your hard-earned money either. With free online slots continuing to rise in popularity around the world, here are 10 reasons why we love them.

1. No deposits needed

Top of the list is that you do not have to make a deposit to play online slots. This means there is no risk of losing cash, but the fun is still there. Playing free slots is also a good way to try out various online casinos and slots to see which ones you like the best. Check out the Dogslots library for some pointers on where to get started when looking for the top online slots. As well as slots that are free to play, many online casinos allow you to try their games in demo mode.

2. Play whenever you want

One of the best things about free online slots is they are available at all times of the day or night. While brick and mortar casinos might have to close their doors overnight, this is not the case for online gambling sites. So, if you ever fancy a spin of the reels or two, all you have to do is log on to your favourite site, select a slot, and start playing. It really is that simple to play online slots!

3. Access free slots whenever, wherever you are

While online gambling might be banned in some parts of the world, free slots are still available as there is no actual betting involved in playing them. You also need very little in order to be able to play online slots these days. You do not even need a computer or laptop as a lot of slots games have been optimised for mobile now. A smartphone or tablet is ideal for playing online slots. This means you can have a quick game while on the move or out and about – you do not need to be at home. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can play online slots from anywhere.

4. Check RTP and other key factors

Testing online slots for free gives players a chance to see how they work in practice. Things such as the return to player – or RTP for short – are a lot clearer when actually playing. The variable nature of online slots is also best experienced by playing them. For some people, slots with high variance are not going to be the right fit, but others might prefer to play these games.

5. Try out bonus features

One of the key selling points for online slots games nowadays is the bonus features they have. But unless you play free online slots, you might lose a lot of money before even getting to a bonus round on a game. Free slots are therefore a chance to explore everything that an online slots game has to offer before having to open your wallet, make a deposit, and risk real cash. Many slots have a few different bonus features now, so there should be plenty of things to try.

6. Go for the progressive jackpot

Progressive jackpot slots can get very expensive to play, which rules them out for a lot of people who have to operate on a tight budget. But free slots can still have progressive jackpots, giving users the chance to ramp up to the maximum bet per spin without any risk involved. Of course, you will not get the money you win on a free progressive slot, but the rush of seeing a big payout is still there. You can even fantasise about how you would have spent the cash!

7. Take advantage of the multipliers

A lot of online slot games have multipliers built in to boost your returns from a spin of the reels. When playing slots for free at online casinos, you can aim to hit these multipliers without having to worry about losing any of your own hard-earned cash. Multipliers help to build small wins into bigger potential payouts, so they are one of the very best features of free online slots games.

8. Make the most of the choice of games

When playing slots with real cash, you might only be able to try a couple out, depending on the size of your balance at your chosen online casino. But money is not an issue when you play free online slots through the internet. What this means is you can test out as many slots as you want in order to find your new favourite games. Online casinos often have hundreds of slots available, so there is bound to be something that catches your eye if you test out a few of them.

9. Free slots are ideal for beginners

While online slots are quite easy to pick up and play as a newcomer, some complete beginners may still be nervous about trying them for the first time. Being able to practice on free online slots is therefore a great way to be able to build confidence, before having to risk any money. When playing real money slots it is easy to press the wrong button, but if you do this on a free game then there is no damage done. 

10. Have fun!

Sometimes people forget that online slots are there for our enjoyment. When chasing big money jackpots on real money games, it is easy to lose sight of this simple fact. But when you take real cash out of the equation, online slots become all about the fun again. There is no pressure around winning or losing, so you can just enjoy spinning the reels and trying to get through to the bonus games. Free online slots are a great way to pass the time, getting the thrill of online gambling without any of the risks involved. Try them out today!