10 Reasons Why The Beatles Are Truly The Greatest Band Of All Time


If we are asked which band is the best in history, we, restraining the urge to name our favorite band, will most likely name the Liverpool Fab Four. And we’ll do it almost automatically. Many of us do not doubt the greatness and significance of the Beatles simply because it is customary. But we’ll tell you quite objective reasons for this.

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Well, here are the reasons why The Beatles are great, for real:

1. They stood out from the other equal bands

By 1958, when John, Paul, and George began playing together, American rock and roll spread throughout the United Kingdom. Those days the idol of youth was Elvis Presley, and young people were ready to dance to his songs all night long. Of course, apart from the admirers, he also had imitators. Hundreds of amateur groups throughout England rehearsed in basements and garages, imitating American stars. In Liverpool alone, there were innumerable such bands.

That’s the fact that among the hundreds of identical groups, it was this band from Liverpool that became legendary. They succeeded in what others could only dream of.

2. Beatlemania

The common obsession, sometimes caused by the unhealthy adoration of The Beatles, began in Liverpool and Hamburg and swept the whole world later on. Just look at the recordings of concerts: the roar at the stadiums is so loud that sometimes the music itself is simply inaudible. The raging crowd was not leaving the band’s side. It was sometimes very difficult for the band to get from the airport to the car, and only the police could rescue The Beatles.

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3. Influence

The list of musicians who confessed their love to the Fab Four and indicated their work as a source of influence on their own is huge. Here are just a few of them: The Who, The Velvet Underground, T-Rex, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Bee Gees, Oasis, Aerosmith, The Jam, Cheap Trick, David Bowie, The Smiths, The Beach Boys, The Stone Roses, The Flaming Lips, The Black Keys, Nirvana.

4. Development

The Beatles never stood still and with each album brought something new to their work. For 10 years of existence, musicians have tried themselves in a variety of genres – from rhythm and blues to psychedelic rock and hard rock. Regarding the last one, the band is a pioneer: the song Helter Skelter is considered the harbinger of hard rock and heavy metal. The Beatles and metal, can you imagine?

The range of these guys was really great. Various instruments were also used in the songs: in addition to standard guitars and drums, you can hear sitar, harmonica, bongo and classical string orchestra. The Beatles always going higher, and when it seemed that they had already reached the top and there was simply nowhere to go.

5. Fruitfulness

13 albums in 7 years is an absolute record. Moreover, The Beatles approached each of their albums very responsibly and never tried to release the album as soon as possible just in order to earn more.

To sum up

Time has passed, music has been developing, new heroes and genres appeared. But one thing remained unchanged: all the leading music publications recognized The Beatles as the best band ever created, and their albums have always been topping the charts throughout history.

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