10 Saving Tips For Moving

Whether you are planning a local move or a long-distance move to a new house or an apartment, you might be thinking of hiring commercial movers. Even though a DIY move benefits, professional NYC office movers can get your belongings intact in the new place.

So, before you decide whether it is a DIY move or engaging professional movers, you need to learn the tricks and tips on how you can save for moving. Below are ten saving tips for moving.

Ten Saving Tips for Moving

1. Plan ahead

Moving is not a simple task. There are several moving supplies you need and a lot of tasks to handle. Do not move in a rush to avoid confusion or spend a lot of money.

Moving in a hurry means you will not have enough time to research for a reliable moving company or get quality packing supplies. Also, planning ahead will allow you to choose a cheaper time of the year to move your belongings.

2. Pack light

Another great saving tip for moving is packing light. If you plan to move as early as possible, you will have time to minimize items to take to the new home. If you have time to go through your belongings, you will find much unnecessary stuff.

Remember, fewer items means fewer packing materials. This means you will save on packing and on moving costs. You can organize a garage sale, donate some, or throw them away if you have unwanted items.

3. Move offseason

If you can avoid summer moving, you can save a lot of money on moving costs. To avoid the high season, book your move as early as possible. In addition, avoid moving on a weekend, during the rush hours, and on holiday.

4. Organize a garage sale

Once you sort your items, you will have things to move to a new home, unwanted things in good condition, and those to throw away. If you have many items that are in good condition, you can have a garage sale.

Many people can purchase some of your appliances, furniture, clothes, toys, and other items. All you need is to advertise the sale and pick a date. You can also sell some of your items online.

5. Move mid-month or mid-week

Apart from choosing a good season, it would help if you considered months and weeks. Most people relocate at the end of the month or on weekends. So, if you can be flexible and book your relocation in mid-month or mid-week, you can save a lot.

Many moving companies are not busy during weekdays and mid-month. Hence, it can be cost-effective if you can take time off from work and plan your move those days.

6. Look for free packing materials

Packing materials are not cheap. So, if you want to save on moving, look for free packing materials. It is possible to have most of the packing materials without spending a coin.

Visit your local grocery stores, drug stores, supermarkets, and other stores to look for packing boxes. You can also ask your friends or relatives who recently moved if they can share some packing materials.

7. Look for discounts

Look for discounts when purchasing packing materials such as cardboard boxes, packing papers, or bubble wraps. Search for shop offerings, discounts, and sales.

In addition, some moving companies may give discounts or include packing supplies as part of their package cost. So, when looking for a moving company to pick, ask what they have in their package.

8. Compare moving companies

Compare moving companies

Moving companies are not equal. Some charge more while others charge less. Therefore, you need to research more before settling on a specific company. Even though the moving cost should not be the main determining factor, finding a reliable moving company charging less is possible.

When searching for a moving company, go through online reviews to learn more about the company’s services. You can also ask your friends or family members to recommend a cheap and reliable moving company.

9. Consider an in-house consultation

To save on moving costs, go for an in-house consultation. Scheduling an in-house consultation will help both parties get a better deal regarding costs and time. Moreover, you will know what to expect from the moving company.

10. Use a checklist

To be well organized when moving, you need to create a checklist. Whether it is a DIY move or you want to engage a professional moving company such as NYC movers, having a checklist is very important.


Moving is an expensive process, especially if you are not well prepared. But if you can manage to plan, look for discounts when purchasing packing supplies, and research moving companies, you can save time and money.

Hiring a professional moving company might look expensive, but it is one way of saving when moving. By booking off-season and looking for an affordable moving company, you can have an affordable move.

Moreover, your items will arrive in the new home without damages, and you do not have to shut your business or get some days off to handle the moving process.