10 Services Offered By Electrical Companies

Electrical companies play a vital role in society. Without the services of these entities, people and institutions would not be able to function properly. That said, these establishments and those employed by them do far more than merely keep the lights on. Colz Electric invites those interested in reading this blog introducing the general public to electricians, electricity-producing establishments, and ten services such entities regularly execute.


These establishments employ technical professionals known as electricians. Said individuals are highly-trained subjects who spent many years receiving classroom instruction on electrical principles and learned to perform various hands-on tasks under an experienced industry professional’s strict supervision.

Electrical work is often intricate and complicated. Should work be performed improperly, the results could be disastrous and result in property damage, personal injury or possibly even death. Ergo, electrical establishments hire only the most skilled individuals and take the jobs they do quite seriously.

Ten Services Offered By Electrical Companies

Perform Repairs

Perform Repairs

Every home or business has likely encountered some type of electrical issue. Common problems include blown fuses and power outages. An electrician from Elanoras investigate these issues, diagnose the underlying cause, and remediate said issues.

Install Electrical Components

Those employed by electrical establishments install pertinent electric components. For example, a new home or office building will require the proper circuitry, outlets and switches.

Design Blueprints

A home or building’s electrical design is first organized in sketches known as blueprints. These are rendered employing all appropriate design and safety mandates. Electrical contractors often create these drawings based on a specific building’s design and contours.

Review Blueprints

Electrical designs must also be carefully reviewed. Any proposed work must often meet exact specifications. Even the slightest mistake or deviation could ultimately lead to dire consequences for the faulty wired or designed building’s structural integrity and the well-being of the persons who either live in or patronize said constructions.

Author Safety Codes And Regulations

Few individuals possess as much knowledge about the safe and proper design, transportation, and electricity delivery than those employed by electrical establishments. Therefore, it no surprise that said parties often play a significant role in writing building and safety codes governing such subjects.

Perform System Upgrades

Properly designed electrical systems are often created to last for many years. However, every network will eventually require upgrades. These updates might be needed to accommodate new technology or to simply improve upon old or tiring components. One common yet simple example of such action is rewiring a home’s breaker box.

Install Appliances

Those employed by electrical contractors often install various household appliances. Any item needing electricity to run, such as air conditioners, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers and even heating units, must be installed in accordance with specific electrical designs and meet particular specifications. Therefore, electricians often oversee the installation process and make sure said devices meet all pertinent mandates.

Train Apprentices

In the Province of Alberta and other Canadian regions, electricians cannot legally perform work unless they spend thousands of hours learning under an experienced electrical contractor’s tutelage. Therefore, such individuals often take the time to train the next generation of workers.

Maintenance Record Keeping

Due to the complexities and importance of electrical maintenance work, those who perform said duties are often charged with the responsibility of keeping meticulous records. Often included in such documentation will be the specific network design, any fixes or upgrades that were made, the nature of any existing problems, and the times and dates such discernible actions were undertaken.


Reputable electrical contractors will routinely test the functionality of various networks. That said, testing is not only performed on newly installed networks but on all existing systems to test for underlying problems.