10 Signs You Need a Cashmere Jumper in Your Life

Cashmere sweaters and jumpers are known to be soft, warm, and luxurious, but they’re also known to be expensive. Cashmere needs special handling when it’s spun into yarn and knitted into sweaters, and the process of creating such high-quality clothing leads to higher prices than most other types of clothing. But there are several signs that you might need a Cashmere Jumper in your life. You can check them off on this list of 10 signs below. You can also check the best custom ugly Christmas sweater you can purchase online.

1. Cashmere doesn’t scratch

The fiber’s downy texture is perfect for those who suffer from sensitive skin. Knitted cashmere is one of nature’s most breathable fibers, and it’s also lightweight and luxurious— making it an ideal layering piece during cooler months or when you just want to feel cozy.

In addition to wearing a cashmere jumper as an accessory, consider what life would be like if your favorite blanket were made of soft, buttery-soft cashmere instead! If you can picture yourself cuddling up on cold nights with some serious pampering wrapped around you, it may be time to invest in some fine wool clothing.

2. Custom Fit

The fit of a cashmere jumper is one of its best selling points. When you buy a sweater, you want it to be fitted to your body so that it feels comfortable and looks good; otherwise, why buy cashmere? It’s not worth spending hundreds of dollars on something that doesn’t fit properly.

So, if you’re buying cashmere and don’t know how to tell if it will be fitted well, consider asking someone with experience. If they say you need to go up or down a size depending on what style you’re after, do it—it’ll be worth it when winter comes around again. It’s also important for newbies to note that most cashmere sweaters have stretchy stitching along their seams. That makes them super comfy!

3. Manages Moisture

If you find yourself with dry, chapped hands every winter, and are tired of using harsh chemicals on your skin that end up making things worse, cashmere is for you. Not only does it provide comfort and warmth during cold months, but it’s also extremely soft against your skin.

Plus, when it comes to cashmere sweaters and scarves—you needn’t worry about breaking out due to their hypoallergenic properties. Even if you have sensitive skin or eczema issues, rest assured that cashmere won’t give you any issues!

4. Breathes Well

The fine fibers of cashmere naturally wick moisture away from your skin to keep you comfortable. Find a 100% cashmere item and never look back—the breathability of these garments will ensure you stay cozy all winter long.

If you’re unsure about whether something is made out of 100% cashmere, take a close look at its weight and thickness. The finer, lighter, and warmer it is, the better chance it’s made with real cashmere.

5. Absorbs Stress

Ever feel like your head is spinning and you need to just calm down? It’s ok; we all get stressed out from time to time. But those feelings shouldn’t have to last, nor should they cause you to be distracted from your work or your loved ones.

A cashmere jumper makes for an excellent antidote for stress. Just wrap yourself up nice and tight in one of these ultra-soft sweaters and watch as all of your problems begin to dissolve—the same way water absorbs into a towel.

6. Great Value

If you’re concerned with quality and want to wear your jumper for years, you may want to invest in an item made from higher-quality materials. A cashmere sweater could last for decades if it’s taken care of properly—which means avoiding extreme temperatures and taking it to dry cleaners (or doing laundry at home yourself).

Make sure that your sweater is knitted with high-quality yarn and feels incredibly soft when you run your hand over it. If a cashmere jumper doesn’t feel silky smooth, leave it on the rack—you probably don’t want to spend your money on something that isn’t going to look or feel as great as you had hoped.

7. Softness and Durability

Not only is cashmere soft, but it’s also very durable. Most luxury cashmere garments can be hand-washed without damaging them (always check instructions first) and will last for many years of frequent wearing. High-quality cashmere is made from fibers with three layers; an outer layer of guard hair protects against wind and rain, and two inner layers of softer down hairs provide warmth.

These soft, insulating fibers trap air for warmth without adding bulk or restricting movement as other winter fabrics do. In addition to these amazing properties, real cashmere also has a gorgeous sheen, which makes any garment look even more elegant. For example, when woven into scarves or shawls, it looks so much better than any synthetic product ever could!

8. Amazing Colours & Patterns

There’s no getting around it, cashmere jumpers are expensive. That doesn’t mean you can’t own one, however. At many stores, you can find very similar versions for a lot less. My advice? Shop at department stores or specialty boutiques during sales season (winter!) and look for deals on eBay or other online retailers as well. With these tips, you shouldn’t have to pay full price to add one of these stylish sweaters to your wardrobe!

9. No Pilling or Lint

There’s nothing more annoying than picking fuzz balls off your sweater, which is why cashmere is such an amazing material. It doesn’t pill or collect lint or fuzz as other fibers do; it’s also completely resistant to stretching out, meaning you don’t have to worry about wearing it for years and years without it losing its shape. If you happen to spill on your cashmere jumper, spot-clean it with cold water and let it dry—it will probably be good as new.

10. Versatility

Since cashmere is soft and strong, you’ll be able to wear it all year round and enjoy it just as much at home as you would out on a date. Wear it with leather leggings, high-heels, and knee-high boots, or add your favorite jeans for an evening out. It will also keep you warm in cold weather but not too hot if it warms up. There are few fabrics as versatile as cashmere so make sure to treat yourself to one soon!


Have you ever heard of cashmere? That’s right, cashmere is wool. The softest, most luxurious wool known to man. However, with that softness comes an equally hefty price tag. These days, it is no longer unusual to see cashmere selling for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, don’t be discouraged! Sure there are some great reasons why you should invest in high-quality garments or for a Cashmere Jumper that last and age gracefully with you, but if you’re on a budget there are also plenty of affordable options available if you know where to look!