10 Smart Ways to Encourage Your Spouse to be Serious with Money

Is money an issue in your relationship? Unfortunately, severe problems with money could pose risks in your marriage. But if both of you can work it out together, money wouldn’t even be a pain.

So, do you want to encourage your spouse to save money without being a nagger? Here are the ways you can do to make them handle cash seriously. 

Talk About Your Goals

Have a proper talk with your spouse about your goals. Break down all your goals and make sure that they are realistic. Set specific goals and a time frame that both of you agreed on.

You can both brainstorm questions like “Do you want to get out of debt?” and “Do you want to have enough savings for a vacation, a house, or a car?”

You can also ask about having an emergency fund?” These questions can help you realize your goals.

Setting financial goals together can keep both of you to be motivated. At the same time, it could increase your chance of success.

Admit Your Mistakes and Be Fair

While talking with your spouse, both of you might track your spending history. You might find each other’s mistakes.

So before you go for a discussion, evaluate your spending and figure out your own mistakes. Share to your partner the information about your existing cash loans from cash lenders. Sometimes it’s better to admit it to your partner and apologize for it.

And if your spouse admitted that they overspent, do not explode on them. Be fair with your judgments, and work together to make up on your mistakes.

Track Your Progress

After being transparent with your goals, always try to track your savings. You can find an app online or create your chart for your savings tracker.

Keeping an eye on your saving journey can help you get insight on how far both of you have already come. In some ways, it can help you stay motivated.

Save the Spare Change

Every penny is essential in achieving your goals. Save your spare change and put them in a jar or piggy bank. You’ll be surprised once you’ve filled your jar or piggy bank with your coins.

Challenge His Competitiveness

It is human nature to be competitive. One way to encourage your partner to save money is to challenge their competitive environment. But do it healthily.

You can challenge each other on who can spend the least or who can save the most in a week. This competition can keep you both eager with your savings.

Work as a Team

To attain success with your savings, both should work on the same team. Do not practice the “her money-his money” setting. It should be “our money.”

Know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. And if one of you is lacking in some ways, the other should compromise. If there is a spender-saver in the relationship, let the saver handle the finances.

Work together to get healthy money-saving management.

Value Time More Than Money

Make your spouse realize that time is more important than money. Make sure that when you spend time together, you don’t have to pay too much.

Setting aside time to spend with your spouse can make them feel important and value every second you spend with them. Having fun with their company lets them know that money isn’t everything in a relationship. 

Have Fun Money

Fun money is the amount of money that you spend on anything that you want without feeling guilty.

It might be stressful always to make justification for your spending. To avoid arguments on each of your purchases, you can both agree on having fun money.

Both of you can set a percentage of your income into your expenses every month. By doing this, both of you can freely spend that “fun money” on anything and not burden your savings.

Give Yourselves Rewards

Being strict on your savings, especially on your long term goals, could be draining. Financial mismanagement can be a reason for demotivation.

So to prevent this from happening, you can reward each other along the process. You can both spend a day trip to an affordable attraction, but remember that it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Spending a romantic evening together can rekindle and keep the spark alive. As you grow older with each other, you tend to take things for granted due to numerous reasons. However, going back to basic can make you reminisce about your youth and can make your bond stronger. 

Daydream About Retirement

To have a fulfilling retirement is another dream each of us works on. It will be more appealing to prepare for your retirement if you know that you and your partner are on the same track.

You can both have a conversation about your retirement plans. Ask your partner about what kind of retirement they want to have, where they want to live, or how they want to spend their days upon their retirement days.

Also, talk about how both of you would work together to save enough for your retirement plans.