10 Steps for Writing a Scientific Research Article

If you have experience writing articles, then you know that the process is both fascinating and complicated. The scientific research article is your chance to learn more about a specific topic and come up with interesting facts about it. Even though a scientific research article is not an easy task, but not impossible as well. 

If you want to write a scientific research article for a journal and get published, you can use this step-by-step guide to create a unique piece of writing. Use these tips to write your research on a great level. 

So What Is a Scientific Research Article? 

Scientific research articles are one of the ways of communication between scientists so that they could share their findings and thoughts on particular subjects. If you study in college or university and want to become a scientist, this can also be an assignment your professor might give you. 

In case you are a writer in a journal, you might get such a task in order to prepare new materials for the paper. Such articles use simple format well-known to many. Key parts of a scientific research article are: 

  • Title. 
  • Authors. 
  • Abstract. 
  • Resources and methods. 
  • Results. 
  • Images, tables, graphs.
  • Summary of the discussion.
  • References. 

Remember that you don’t forget the people you worked with and you should always mention the name of all the authors. You can also put the acknowledgments section at the end of an article, but this step is optional. 

10 Steps You Should Take When Writing a Scientific Research Article 

In the following guide provided by professional research paper writing company AdvancedWriters, you can find all expert tips you need when working on your article. Make sure you use all of them during the writing: 

  1. Read your assignment well. Before you actually start working on the project, you should be aware of all the requirements and be familiar with the instructions. It might feel unnecessary, but there are always the little details that we miss. Know what your professor or instructor requires from you. 
  2. Choose a subject for your research if you have not been given one. When you are writing a scientific research article, you should work on making it useful and interesting. You will not be able to write a good article if you are not interested in the subject. Pick something you really like. 
  3. Now it is time to focus on your research. You should gather the materials that describe your topic and contain the necessary information for the article. Find reliable sources that can be trusted, and don’t skip the information when you go through them. Don’t forget to create an annotated bibliography.
  4. After you find all the materials you need, you should organize your findings. Form a list of all the information you got and sort it out. You can divide it into a few sections: information that you will definitely use in your order, additional facts that you would like to include, and some other details that you are not sure whether you need to write about or not.
  5. Think about the results you got. Did you expect your research to go that way? Think about the methods you used to collect the data and consider the possibility of methodology influencing these results.
  6. Come up with the main argument. It is also called a thesis statement. It should be effective, but also it should not take more than 1-2 sentences. In your thesis statement, you should clearly say what is the goal of an essay and what you are trying to prove and explain.
  7. Start working on the outline of an article. If you have worked on other papers before, you know what it is. Same as for any other type of writing, your article needs a structure. Usually, it has three main parts. First, you should write your introduction. Then you should explain your topic in detail in the body paragraphs. After you have written everything else, you should finish your article effectively.
  8. Just start writing. There will never be some perfect time for that, and you know it. Of course, you should always get ready for such a serious type of work, but preparations should not take all of your time.    
  9. Re-read what you write and fix all of the mistakes you made in facts, infographics, statistics, and other information you gave your readers. You should be sure that everything you wrote is true and taken from reliable sources.
  10. Edit your paper. Now, you should check your grammar and punctuation. Use apps for editing like Grammarly to make sure you captured everything. If you don’t do so, your article will not seem as if written by a professional. 

Write a Perfect Scientific Research Article 

Don’t think that writing a scientific research article is too hard for you. Even if something does not go as planned, it does not mean that you are not a good writer. Make sure that your writing is accurate: it’s best to check every fact you use so you don’t give false information to your readers.

If you feel like you need some help, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. If you have friends who have experience in writing scientific articles, talk to them and ask for their advice. And you can always show your friends and family your article to get honest feedback. Believe in your writing, and you will handle this task perfectly.