10 Terrifying Facts about Moving

Sometimes moving may turn into hell. And even if you move into your dream home, it’s still can be painful. You’ll get really tired of moving from one place to another, and you’ll promise never to do it again in your life. Come on, man, convince yourself that you don’t have too many things, that you’ll do everything quickly, that change is always for the better. Your life will be easier if you address part of your moving to professionals. Check moving company reviews and ask for a moving Quote. Expenses are always disappointing but using a moving cost estimator or numerous apps will help you to plan and even save your money.  And read for now 10 terrible facts about moving.

1. You have a lot of things to move

Yes, bro, do not console yourself: you really have a lot of different nonsense, different useless stuff, different useful things, big and small. You just don’t know how much you’ve accumulated. The last time I moved in, I wondered how I could have accumulated so much stuff after living in an apartment for only six months. This is absolutely unimaginable. And all right clothes, shoes and dishes. But, for example, it is large. Furniture. Technic. This is beyond human strength.

2. It is impossible to decide what to get rid of when packing

In short, you have a lot of things that you have no idea if you’re going to use, but you don’t want to throw them away. The ticket to the cool basketball game is still on your shelf next to the ticket to the cool concert-and you’re sorry to throw them away. Did your friends give you some stupid birthday present like a kid’s hockey stick? Yes, you still have it, and you don’t want to throw it away. A torn backpack? Come on, I’ll sew it up, I’ll sew it up again. Do you recognize yourself?

3. As a result, you will be covered in bruises and scratches.

When you move, for some reason, your coordination deteriorates and becomes about like a sandwich. You cling to all the corners, drop boxes on your feet, hit your head, cut yourself with papers and clothes hangers, slip on the stairs. You’ll end up looking like you just rolled down a mountain or ran away from a bear.

4. Some furniture resists when you want to move it.

If you’re the lucky owner of IKEA furniture, congratulations, man. These Swedes put some kind of mystery or oddity in every piece of furniture: for example, a lot of different cabinets and shelves need to be screwed to the wall, and then unscrewed. And then also to disassemble, because something will not necessarily fit through the door.

5. You will find reminders of past relationships.

When you sort through you will definitely stumble upon some strange things. For example, a birthday card from your ex. With words of how much she/he loves you and calls you some love nickname. You thought it was cute at the time, and now you look at it and you’re ashamed of yourself. Idiot. For such cases, it is better to remember: immediately get rid of everything. Open the greeting card, read it, and throw it away. When you leave the cinema, throw your ticket in the trash. Why collect all this stuff? Do you want to then open a museum of significant pieces of paper named after yourself. If this event is really so important to you, you will remember it without such reminders. You don’t need proof and evidence for all the important moments of your life.

6. You will realize how little you have accomplished while you have lived in this house.

Two years? Wow! You haven’t done anything in two years! Although this is normal. Now a blank page opens up for you. You’re doing everything right now. Concentrate on your work and get a promotion. Take advantage of the fact that there is a gym next to your new apartment and start training. Learn any foreign language at last. I’m kidding. None of this will ever happen. Each move is another round in the process of personal evolution. Before you step through that door for the last time, look back at the plans you made when you moved in here. If you did everything right, then you will walk out the door with a sense of satisfaction.

7. Attempts to hang and fix something after moving

When you somehow arrange your furniture, it will be time to hang different stuff on the walls. It seems like a simple matter. All you need is a hammer, a couple of nails, and maybe some other hardware. You have a college degree, can you calculate how much effort it will take to hang a plasma with a diagonal of 55 inches? I’ll tell you: really a lot. You’ll have to drill extra holes, something to measure, make a hole in the wall of his apartment and annoy the neighbors. A very unpleasant task.

8. You will not see all the flaws of your new home at once

If you rent an apartment, you are unlikely to be told about it. With my last apartment, it was like this: everything looked good, but as soon as I moved in, it turned out that the kettle boils water only if you press it down with your hand, the trap closes only with a special technique, and the refrigerator has a damaged cord, and I had to change it, the house was almost on fire. In short, be prepared for surprises.

9. Different climate when moving

It happens that people often move in the summer: this usually seems to be the most suitable time of the year. If you moved not just to another apartment, but immediately to another city, you are waiting for the opening. For example, if you go somewhere in the south, you will be stunned by how hot it is there. Or how humid it is. And a lot of amazing things are waiting for you. Not even surprising, you expected the heat. Just unexpectedly heavy.

10 . For the first time, you will live in anxiety

No matter how prone you are to anxiety, you will definitely be a little out of your mind, as you will have to leave your comfort zone and enter uncharted waters. It will take you some time to get used to your new home and really settle in. Over a short period of time, your anxiety may even increase a little, but this is a temporary phenomenon, it will pass. The noise at night is clearly not the work of a bloodthirsty ghost who just waits for you to close your eyes. These are neighbors, a draft, or even a mouse. It’ll be all right, bro. Congrats ith the new house!