10 Tips For A Better Workout

Do you plan on hitting the gym for good? Then you’re making the right choice. A well-balanced diet and adequate rest and sleep are not enough if you want to build strong and lean muscles. With the fitness-driven world, we live in nowadays, looking good and feeling great makes everything better. By working out regularly, you can live a healthier and happy life.

Better Workout

These are excellent tips that can help you achieve a good workout every time

Start The Day Right

If you think your workout starts the moment you get to the gym, then you’re wrong. Working out does not only involve packing your essentials and bringing yourself to walk into the gym. It starts the moment you wake up.

Yes To Slow-Digesting Carbs, No To High Fat Meals

Before hitting the gym, eat slow-digesting carbs and avoid high-fat meals. Stick to whole grains, sweet potatoes, fruits and oatmeals. Fast-foods and packaged foods are also a no-no.

Green Salad With Low-Fit Dressing

It is also good to eat a small green salad with low-fat dressing as your green veggies are only healthy when taken with low-fat dressing.

Whey Protein And Buckwheat 

Before your workout, it is essential to take these two immediately before the actual workout. These supplements are not only meant for gym junkies as these have lots of benefits. These can help increase your endurance, increase muscle mass, improve strength and even decrease body fat. Make sure to only buy the best Whey protein for optimal results.

Cocoa Extract And Arginine 

These two are also some of the other things you can intake right before the routine. Cocoa is rich in antioxidants and can you perform better.

Get Yourself A Cup Of Coffee Before Hitting The Gym

Caffeine, on the other hand also increases fat-burning and endurance. With its ability to stimulate the CNS or Central Nervous System, it can help push you a little bit harder thanks to its performance boost.

Get Your Favourite Track Ready

Music helps keep you motivated when listening to tracks you love. Stick to songs that make you feel like you can conquer the world.

Leave Your Phone In The Lockers

Gym time is meant for exercise, so make sure to remove any distraction, and that includes your precious smartphone. Unless you’re waiting for an urgent call or is using your phone for music, it would be best to leave it in your locker. You can also try putting it on aeroplane mode if you can’t bear a few hours without your phone.

Start By Stretching

No matter the type of workout you do, stretching is essential as it acts as your warm up. Go for dynamic stretching if you’re in for exercises focused on building strength. Otherwise, a minute stretch would be enough.

Work Out In The Evening, If You Can

Studies show that lifting consistently after 6 in the evening helps you lose more fat while gaining muscles than hitting the gym in the morning. Do this consistently for about six weeks to achieve better results.

Bonus Tip: Weed and workout

Experts are now backing up the link between exercise and cannabis. Marijuana, which has a negative stereotype image, has tons of health benefits. Other than boosting your appetite and an aid for relaxation, it can also help workout enthusiasts. As confusing as it may seem, but weed users actually have lower prevalance of being obese. The reason behind is some biological mechanism of how cannabis is affecting the endurance for physical activities. So who says that the weed you recently smoked is just for relaxation and sleep enhancement? Well you might try to smoke one before hitting the gym and see for yourself it’s miraculous effects. Just make sure to buy from online dispensary who’s reputable in the industry.


A good workout is essential to reach your fitness goal. Don’t let your time and sweat go to waste. Keep these tips in mind and have a better workout session every time.