10 Tips for Building Muscle Now – Men’s Health

Sooner or later, but absolutely all men’s face stunted muscle growth and strength indicators so we want to share with you valuable tips on how to gain muscle mass and strength.

1. Maximize muscle building

The more protein accumulates in your body – in a process called protein synthesis – the more your muscles grow. But your body is constantly depleting its protein reserves for other purposes – for example, for the production of hormones.

The result is less protein available for building muscle. To counter this, you need to “create and store new proteins faster than your body breaks down old proteins

2. Eat right and often

Fractional, multiple meals, the key not only to gain muscle mass, but also to lose weight, due to the constant promotion of metabolism (metabolism). The more often you eat, the better, that is, you can absorb much more healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates in 6-8 meals than in 3 or 4.

In addition, frequent meals have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, preventing it from going into starvation mode, and in this way two tasks are solved, your muscle mass, your proteins will not be used as an energy source, and carbohydrates will be stored in muscle in the form of glycogen . for that buy injectable steroids online with credit card Therefore, always eat fractionally (6-8 times) and make sure that your diet is always full.

The basic principles of weight gain lie in the system correctly, balanced, and most importantly, adequate nutrition. That is, for gaining weight, you need a surplus of calories, for deficiency buy injectable steroids online with credit card

3. Exercise your biggest muscles

If you’re a beginner, almost any workout will be intense enough to increase protein synthesis. But if you have been lifting for some time, you will gain maximum muscle faster if you focus on large muscle groups such as chest, back and legs.

Add squats, pulls, pull-ups, sloping rows, bench presses, dips and military bench presses to your workout. Do two or three sets of eight to twelve repetitions with a break of 60 seconds between sets. This range of repetitions will allow your muscle Focus on exercises

Many beginners, and even experienced athletes, neglect the concentration on exercises, and this is very negatively reflected in working approaches, and on bodybuilding in general.

You should be fully focused on the exercise, in your thoughts, in your mind, there should be nothing but the idea of ​​how the muscles are filled with blood, bloat, and, of course, sports anger which hardens in difficulties, failures and defeats.

Make your muscles completely obey your consciousness, and then, just thinking about training will bring you into a combat, working state. Understand the main thing, if you will come to a training session with extraneous thoughts, conversations, share secrets with friends , tell how hard it is for you at work and so on, instead of plowing, working in the gym, you will not achieve anything in bodybuilding, because success in this not easy sport depends not only on your physical condition, but also on your internal.

4. Lift up every other day

Perform a full body workout followed by a rest day. Studies show that heavy weight training increases protein synthesis within 48 hours immediately after training.

Your muscles grow when you relax, not when you work

5. Eat something every 3 hours

If you don’t eat often enough, you can limit the speed at which your body produces new proteins.

Take the required number of calories per day and divide by six. This is approximately the amount you should eat at each meal. Make sure you consume some protein – about 20 grams – every 3 hours.

6. Start climbing heavy weights

There is an opinion that bodybuilding is only light weights and medium weights, for a large number of repetitions. This is not entirely true, indeed, performing exercises in a bodybuilding style of 6-12 repetitions is considered the best range for getting muscle microtraumas, stimulating muscle growth, however, it will be difficult for you to increase strength indicators if you work in such a number of repetitions constantly.

Try to periodically “climb” to heavy weights, that is, 85-90% of the maximum weight that you can lift, include the range of repetitions in your training program, not only the usual 6-12, but sometimes 1-3 , and 2- 4 repetitions.

7. Drink plenty of water

 Maintaining the required water level in the body is one of the main factors leading to an increase in strength and energy. It is necessary to drink a minimum of 2.5 liters of water per day. In the hot season, this figure can increase to 4 liters.

8. Sleep

Sleep is very important for building muscle. During sleep, the lion’s share of growth hormone is produced, which very well affects muscle growth, respectively. For that anabolic steroid pills Metabolism during sleep slows down, which is great for the restoration and growth of muscle tissue.

9. Eat high-calorie foods

If you have problems with weight gain, carefully analyse your diet. No need to give up vegetables, they are useful and not very high in calories. For health, eat your prescribed amount of fruits and vegetables, but do not expect that the use of salads and a lot of fibre will help you gain weight.

On the other hand, the consumption of drinks such as protein shake will not let you feel full for a long time. Just keep an eye out for empty sugar calories in drinks and tea, and, of course, in Chinese food.

Come up with a daily nutrition plan that consumes the right number of macros and calories to support muscle growth. Spending time in the kitchen preparing meals is a great investment that Will help you build muscle.

10. Relaxation

 Stressful situations create a catabolic environment in the body, since stress contributes to the production of the hormone cortisol, the main enemy of the bodybuilder. Try not to be nervous and be calm – your muscles will not make you wait long.
Only adhering to these basic rules, you can build muscle for a minimum period of time