10 Tips for Housewives To Keep Their Sanity With Kids


Being a housewife is tough, even tougher when you have kids at home. The work of a housewife is never over – there are always things to do and need to be done ASAP. Now add kids into the equation and you have a full 24-hour shift for 7 days a week.

To keep their sanity, housewives must have a plan. They must be able to work smart and use their time as efficiently as possible. And if you’re looking for ways to do that, then you’re in the right place. In this article, I want to share with you my 10 awesome tips for housewives to stay sane at home with their kids.

1. Stay organized

House chores can be overwhelming for anyone. That’s why you should write down your tasks for the day or week. You can also make a to-do list to breakdown your tasks for each day. Staying organized makes it easier to see your total workload and find out how much free time you have each day. Then, you can use your free time for yourself and recharge your energy.

Your to-do list can be as detailed as you want – many housewives write every little thing such as when their kids need to wear shoes, which kid wear which hat, when to charge their phones, and so on. 

For your tasks list, you can use a big whiteboard to write everything down. Or, you can use your phone to do that – feel free to choose whichever you prefer. You can even use your paper calendar if you want more simplicity. Now, you won’t miss anything, finish your tasks on time, and have more time for yourself. 

2. 15 minutes of special time

Speaking of time to recharge your energy, there’s one special way to keep your sanity while getting your kids involved. Many housewives have tried this solution, and they loved it. 

To do this is very simple, spare 15-20 minutes for a one-on-one time with each kid every day. Keep in mind that you must turn off all distractions – your phone, computer, etc. The key is to let your kid knows that they have your undivided attention. 

This way your kid will not bother you, because they know you’re there for them. So, you can have your break while keeping your kids’ company – a win-win solution. To start doing this, let your kid knows that there are no distractions and they can do whatever they want. 

3. Laugh

Laughing is the best medicine for depression, frustration, and other bad feelings. Try to remind yourself of the reason why you’re working hard every day and learn to appreciate the experience of being a mother and a housewife. 

Look at your kids and remember how bright their smiles are. Laugh loudly with your kids and know that you’re creating the best memories that you can have with your kids. There’s no better feeling knowing that you’re enduring these hardships for your family.

4. Mommy friends

Sometimes housewives just want to talk about their day, and who can be a better listener than other housewives? It would be great for you if you can find a special group of women who are going through the same everyday struggles as you are. These women can lift up your spirit and teach you a thing or two as well.

Housewives need to support and encourage each other. Being able to help other women can bring you a sense of pride and happiness that only a woman can get. Being in a group like these can be therapeutic and great for your mental health.

5. Learn yoga

Yoga is surprisingly great for housewives. You can do it anytime and anywhere, even in a very small space. You can use yoga to freshen your mind and of course to exercise. Many housewives are neglecting their health and it affects their sanity.

6. Getting your kids to be more involved

Many housewives are stressed because they consider their kids to be incapable of doing things themselves. Try to teach your kids of doing things themselves or at least let you know what they want. It is also a great way to start encouraging everyone in the house to pitch in and contribute around the house.

Let them know that mommy has her hands full with other tasks and if they want to help, they’re welcomed to do so. Once everyone knows what they can do to help, you can make a core chart to teach responsibility and help encourage kids to do their tasks. 

7. Don’t be too serious

Remember that not everything in life is serious. It is okay to think that no matter how difficult your day is, things can be quite silly. Look at your kids and how they are jumping up and down and running all over the house. Maybe you can follow their examples, and don’t take things too seriously.

8. Tell your husband about your day

You are not alone in this; your husband is your partner and he should know about the situation in your home. Tell your husband about your day and he can tell you about his day. Maybe you two can try to make each other’s day easier too. These daily conversations can help you a lot.

9. Cook more

For many people, cooking can be a great way to relieve stress. And for housewives, cooking is also a way to make sure their families are healthy. If you love cooking and trying new recipes, try to make different dishes every day. Learning and improving your cooking skills might be what you need right now.

10. Practice makes perfect

House chores and taking care of your kids are activities that can be done faster the better you’re at doing them. First, you need to create a routine. When to make coffee, when your kids need their breakfast, when to wash the dishes, etc. 

A perfect routine will train your body to do your activities faster and better. Everyone in the house will also pick up your routine after a while. This way they will be more cooperative and even help you to work faster. A routine is also very effective at keeping yourself motivated and never procrastinate.

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