10 Travel must-haves when going abroad


When packing your travel bag, there some must-haves that should top your list. Here is a quick list of some travel essentials for when going abroad;  

Photocopies of your documents

You may want to make copies of some of your important documents like your passport because you may never know when you may need them. You may not use them but having them as backup is a no brainer.


When travelling abroad, chances are that you are going to experience climate changes. This is where a humidifier comes in handy, especially in places experiencing winter when the air is dry. Your humidifier will help you evade dry air effects, like respiratory problems and dry skin. You can check Toohumid.com for reviews on some of the best travel humidifiers.

Travel neck pillow

This is an essential item for your travel. It can get uncomfortable trying to get some sleep in long bus or train trips abroad and even in the plane. Get yourself a nice and cozy u-shaped travel pillow and your neck will thank you for it later!

Hand sanitizer

Hygiene can be poor especially when travelling because water will not always be available to you. A hand sanitizer is going to be your friend and you won’t have to worry about germs when enjoying some street food or when snacking during an excursion.

Backup battery for your phone

Chances are that you are going to use your phone a lot while travelling. From listening to music, GPS, taking pictures and everything in between. That is why you need a backup battery pack because you never know when you may want to use your phone to make an emergency call or find your way back to your hotel room.

Travel wallet

You want to keep you cash, cards and even passport intact. The trouble of going through your belongings just to find your passport or the hassle of going through the same every time you want some money can be exhausting. Find a nice travel wallet where you can easily get these essentials anytime you need them.

First-aid kit

A first aid kit is a must-have when travelling abroad. Not that you want anything bad to happen, but you should always be prepared for the worst to come. A travel first aid kid may not necessarily mean carrying the whole first-aid kit with you but carrying a few essential things may come in handy for you.

Water bottle

It is important to stay hydrated while in the plane. Carry a reusable water bottle and some fresh water. You will always be sorted even after getting to your destination.


The long hours in the plane can be boring, but they will be even longer if you don’t have the entertainment to keep you occupied. Carry some headphones and make sure your playlist is loaded!


It cannot be stressed enough how sunscreen is important. It may be a daily essential for some people but if you don’t often use it, make sure you pack some in your travel bag because you will need to protect your skin if you are going to spend long hours under the heat.

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