10 types of gamblers — from casual players to professionals

Players who visit online casino sites and land-based gambling establishments are divided into several types, which differ from each other both in their purpose and in their style of play. Interestingly, people have been fascinated by gambling since ancient times, but the players’ motives were different in different years.

Thanks to psychologists, it is possible to clearly divide gamblers into 10 types. The goals of the game are very different for users of online casino sites. It is worth noting that newcomers who learn about the types immediately can quickly figure out how to play and win big bucks. Some gamblers set their goals incorrectly or reveal their strengths incorrectly, which leads them to increase their risks.

BestAuCasinosOnline invites gambling fans to consider 10 types of gamblers. In land-based gambling establishments, as well as online casino sites, there are quite a few different types of players.


Party-goers, for the most part, visit land-based gambling establishments. Such people do not generally have a particular preference for gambling, as their goal is not gambling itself. For party-goers, it is important to be the centre of attention and therefore they do not concentrate on the game itself.

Party-goers chat more with other players and talk about some of their gambling achievements, if they have any, of course. It is worth noting that in order for players of this type not to lose more than they need to, they should decide on their bankroll management. For players, it doesn’t matter if they win or not, but the desire to gamble all the time can encourage them to spend a lot of money.


Infantry is a very common type of gambler, especially in online casinos. Such players are found in all types of gambling. So-called infantrymen regularly spend time on online gambling sites, but they know how to control their money and often play with strategies. As statistics show, it is the foot soldiers who shape gambling trends, particularly seen in video slots.

Basically, many newcomers are trying to become infantrymen, as players of this type are almost devoid of risk. Interestingly, when they spend their daily limit, they continue to play demo games, if possible. For example, in games such as roulette, blackjack, video slots and some others, foot soldiers can try out for free. In games such as poker or bingo, however, there are no demos available in online casinos.

Casual gamblers

Gambling attracts a very large number of people. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people try their luck at least once by making a deposit of a token $10. Thankfully, given the large bonuses offered by online casino sites, players can play for quite a long time.

Casual players spend very little money in casinos. They either play very carefully or don’t pay attention to anything at all and make haphazard bets. If they do win, the chance of them continuing to play increases manifold.


Intellectuals are more likely to visit online sites and use strategies and systems when playing. Knowledge of mathematical models and the luck aspect gives players more confidence and can even reduce risk.


VIPs are a rather rare type of gambler. They usually have a very high social standing. The VIPs generally gamble for two reasons. For some, it is important to be the centre of attention, just like party goers. However, VIPs play at higher stakes and prefer more competitive games like poker and bingo, where they essentially play against other players and not against croupiers.

Status gamblers

VIPs are celebrities who are not connected with gambling and visit gambling establishments just for fun, while status players have achieved great success in gambling. For example, in poker, there are very many popular gamblers who take part in the most prestigious tournaments. Nevertheless, in order to practice, and simply to win big money, high achievers visit land-based gambling houses.

Mobile casino sites also often feature the most skillful players trying to increase their capital several times over. This is especially true in games where the players play against each other.



Professionals, as opposed to status players, are simply strong players. This type of player is far more common. It takes more than a hundred games to become a true professional. Knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of the game, strategies, and other aspects, allows you to reduce the risks and avoid falling into the tilt.

Professionals, in terms of gambler types, play very carefully, enjoying the game and trying to earn as much as possible. Statistically, these players most often try to minimise risks by using certain methods. Mathematical calculations make it possible to understand how exactly it is worth betting. Increasing and decreasing bets can reduce the casino’s advantage, but in order to do this correctly players need to try to improve their skills every day.

Desperate players

One of the most controversial types of gamblers is the desperate. This usually qualifies people in casinos who lack a lot of strong emotions. Such players try to make gambling their hobby. This type of gambler enjoys winning as much as losing. Moreover, desperate gamblers try their luck in all gambling games to see where they get more excitement.

Problem gamblers

Such gamblers cannot control themselves. Not many people get addicted, but those who have become addicted to cheating are hard to recover from. When a person’s thoughts and actions are reduced to spending a few games in the casino, the game in this style can hardly bring pleasure.

Problem gamblers do not know how to stop, so no matter how much they win, they lose it all. And, the addicts are in the habit of borrowing and selling their stuff to get even. In essence, the main objective of such players is just to win back, but they lose more and more each time.


Usually such players try to cheat or otherwise influence their winnings. The truth is that while cheaters used to be able to do this decades ago, it is now very difficult to cheat a casino.