10 Types of Girls You Can Come Across at Any Concert

Music has a great power to unite people and make them flock to a particular venue to enjoy the performance of their favorite band or singer. Music concerts and festivals (especially open-air ones) are not only about listening to the headliners, they are about the unique atmosphere of freedom and romance. If you are a frequent visitor to concerts, you must have used such events to pick up girls. When you look around, you see different ladies, with different characters and behavior. Some are really cute and you can look at them endlessly, some can behave in a quite off-putting way. Be attentive at your next concert to spot the following types of girls. Maybe, apart from the following types, there will be someone like https://vipbrides.com/blog/relationships/sexiest-females-in-video-games/.

1. The one who prefers sitting

You can meet this type of women at every concert. She doesn’t dance but instead remains seated the whole evening. It’s not that she is bored or too shy. Perhaps, her shoes are too uncomfortable, so she just has to sit. Or she just enjoys sipping cocktails and watching the show at a distance.

2. The one who is kissing non-stop

It seems that she is not aware of where she actually is. Usually, this girl and her boyfriend are standing in front of you, and you become an involuntary witness of their hugging and kissing to practically every song. At first, it may seem sweet, but then it starts getting on your nerves and you just want to relocate as far as possible from them.

3. The one who is singing along

Well, she’s actually mouthing along, because she came with her friends or boyfriend just out of politeness. She is not an ardent fan of the performing band or artist, so in order not to come across as an outsider, she pretends she is having a good time moving her lips.

4. The one who is dancing out of key with the music

This type of girl is totally in the moment and having the time of her life, but her body moves in the way that doesn’t harmonize with the music. She expressively shakes her hips to a slow song and gently rocks to some dynamic music.

5. The one who doesn’t belong

This girl obviously doesn’t know why she came here. Since she is not interested in what is going on around, she demonstratively scrolls through her Instagram feed or stands still in the crowd with her arms crossed on her chest. Periodically, she rolls her eyes and makes disapproving sighs and puffs.

6. The one with a drink in her hand

Booze at concerts is a kind of an integral attribute. There are usually long lines to drink stands, and this type of girl is ready to spend hours in them, even if she has to miss a good part of a concert.

7. The tipsy one

The main difference between this type and the one who stands in line is that the latter is saved from getting totally drunk by that long line. The tipsy one usually gets drunk before the concert. As a result, you can see her vomit, fall down, and supported by her friends.

8. The one who screams

This is how she expresses her excitement. And she considers herself the main fan. That’s why when it seems to her that people are not making enough noise, she is the first to mend this situation.

9. The one who leaves before the end of the concert

The same as she likes the concert, she hates that post-concert rush hour, when all people flock to the parking lot. If 30 minutes before the end of the show you see the girl heading for the exit, know that this is the type I’m talking about.

10. The one who takes photos

The concert is just a good background for her awesome shots. Once she is done with selfies, she might ask you or anyone in the crowd to take a picture of her. She’ll walk in the crowd to change locations and see which one will be more Instagram-looking.

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