10 unusual places for photo shoots


How can we make our photo shoot unusual, memorable and creative? One of the solutions is to hold a photo session in an unusual place, because very often everyone chooses popular places: sights, monuments or city parks. We bring to your attention the list of slightly less popular places, but in which it is possible to make stunning photos.

1. Botanical gardens and orangeries

The perfect solution in case of bad weather or the winter season, when you move in one fell swoop from the cold winter to the tropics. There is also an abundance of different tropical plants, which gives a lot of room for imagination. You can make a photo shoot in the ethnic style or take a picture in the image of an Amazon, or just for contrast make a spectacular photo shoot in a beautiful dress

2. Playgrounds or amusement parks

Good because there is usually an abundance of color: brightly colored carousels, playgrounds, themed areas, and if you add cotton candy, a beautiful waffle cone with ice cream balls or lollipops to the image you can get a bright mischievous photo shoot

3. A library in your city

A pile of books on shelves with bright covers, rows of shelves, and a special cozy atmosphere can help you create an interesting photo shoot. In addition, you will have a huge number of props, for example, books you can put around you, setting a certain design of your photo. Recommendation, if there is very little natural light in the room – take along additional lighting, such as a compact video light and a flashlight, which you can put on the background, and it will add a beautiful light to the photos – more info by a link

4. Abandoned buildings or old, ruined houses

They are in almost every city. And they can also hold a genre photo shoot, the main thing is to create the right image, which will only emphasize the mystery and originality of the place. Especially well in such places will look photos in black and white. Such shootings require a certain caution, but the result can be very effective photos.

5. Railroad stations also have their own atmosphere

Arriving trains, beautiful lines of railroad tracks, arches, arches, even people will not be a nuisance if you take them competently into the background and make them part of your picture.

6. Small streets of your city, old neighborhoods with small houses can also be a great location

Porches, wood or brick houses can be stunning decorations due to the abundance of texture.

7. Picturesque ponds, villages

The main thing is to create an authentic image: a flying dress, a wreath of flowers on his head and a small bouquet in his hands or make a photo shoot with farm animals: geese, ducks, lambs.

8. Rocks in the countryside or sand pits

There you can have a photo shoot that evokes associations with travel or adventure. In such a place you can do a photoshoot in the style of Indiana Jones or the Wild West or even another planet. The main recommendation if you choose sand quarries for your photo shoot is to go in dry weather, as wet sand will complicate the process.

9. Fields outside the city, farms

A lot of air, space, and if there is still near, for example, an equestrian club, you can make a stunning photo shoot in the style of a rider.

10. Ethnoparks, open-air museums, theme parks

This is an amazing opportunity to have a unique photo shoot in a variety of locations, as such places usually have a rich variety of different themed areas. It is also a great opportunity to spend cool time in the countryside with your family, as children from such places just love it. As a rule in such parks you can take pictures with different animals, rent costumes and props.

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