10 Up and Coming Neighbourhoods near Toronto


If you plan to live in Toronto, you should probably buy a house in one of the up and coming neighbourhoods in Toronto. As one of the world’s most livable cities, Toronto has many things to offer, including a safe, clean, and diverse environment.

Toronto has the best neighbourhoods with all amenities that can make your family live comfortably. The good news is, most of these up and coming neighbourhoods in Toronto feature new home developments, making it easier to score better deals.

10 Best Up and Coming Neighbourhoods Toronto

It’s no doubt that the quality of life in Toronto City is higher than that of other GTA area cities. That’s why most towns outside of Toronto feature relatively lower costs of living.

Now, let’s look at some of the best up and coming Toronto neighbourhoods to consider.

1. Woodbridge

Located North of Toronto, Woodbridge is a great neighbourhood to live with your family. It boasts incredible amenities, such as well-established transportation systems and top-rated schools. Also, Woodbridge is home to many head offices for big companies.

If you’re looking for an affordable home in Toronto, you will definitely find one in Woodbridge. This place has many new home developments, including detached homes, condos, and townhouses. Thankfully, home prices are relatively low and affordable.

2. Woodhaven

If you are searching for a neighbourhood with a mix of nature and modern essentials, consider buying a house in Woodhaven. Surrounded by wide stretches of green spaces and mature forests, you’ll connect with nature and still enjoy fantastic modern amenities.

Generally, what makes Woodhaven’s streetscapes more appealing and attractive are its exceptional house designs. Most detached family residences here feature lavish master suites, designer kitchens, and dining rooms. Everything is well-planned to perfection.

3. Bloordale Village

Located in Toronto’s west end, Bloordale Village boasts a fast and steady development. Its strategic location has attributed to the surge of amenities such as trendy restaurants, art galleries, and shops. Thankfully, the neighbourhood is easily accessible by transit.

Here are the other fantastic things you should know about Bloordale Village.

  • Most shops in Bloordale features incredible antiques and vintage items
  • Bloordale Village provides an innovative space for Canadian artists
  • Bloordale village is a food haven with classic cafes, restaurants, and bars

4. Danforth Village

As one of most developed up and coming neighbourhoods Toronto, Danforth also features incredible home developments. You’ll get any design of a house that fits your needs and lifestyle, whether it’s a condo, townhouse, or a detached family home.

With Danforth’s established transportation system, commuting into and out of the neighbourhood is easy. You can use a subway line or highway to get to Toronto City. Other amenities you’ll find in Danforth are high-quality hospitals and top-rated schools.

5. Mississauga

Mississauga is one of the fastest-growing GTA area cities, featuring many new housing developments at reasonable prices. Besides, the city’s proximity to Toronto downtown makes it easy to commute to and from Toronto City centre within a few minutes.

There are many things to do in Mississauga, including visiting attractions such as parks, museums, and recreational facilities. You can also play golf at the BraeBen or Lakeview Golf Course. Thankfully, commuting from one place to another is easy in Mississauga.

6. Birch Cliff

If you are searching for the best neighbourhood to live with your family, consider moving to Birch Cliff. This family-oriented neighbourhood is home to many residential flats, townhouses, condos, and detached homes with family-friendly amenities.

What makes Birch Cliff stand out is its proximity to beaches. The good news is that many construction projects are ongoing in this neighbourhood. Besides, you will only need around 20 minutes to drive to downtown Toronto.

7. Leslieville

In the recent past, Leslieville has experienced a remarkable development in several sectors, including real estate. When moving to this neighbourhood, you’ll find a home that fulfills all your needs. Its cozy homes and tree-lined streets make it look peaceful.

While Leslieville seems to be a small neighbourhood, it offers many things to residents. It is home to several recreational centers, including the S.H. Armstrong Community Recreation Centre, Woodfield Road. Also, Leslieville boasts many incredible parks.

8. Regent Park

The sheer abundance of green spaces in Regent Park makes it look more beautiful than most towns outside of Toronto. Also, the neighbourhood boasts a fast-growing real estate market. You’ll find condos, apartments, and housing units in Regent Park.

Incredibly, Reagent Park has many recreational centers, including the famous Regent Park Community Centre. In this recreational facility, you’ll find a community hall, a teaching kitchen, an employment center, a rooftop garden, and meeting rooms.

9. Georgina

Located strategically on the southeast shores of Lake Simcoe, Georgina is a popular destination for cottagers and tourists. If you would love to live near a waterfront, you should consider buying a house in this thriving neighbourhood.

The good news is that Georgina is experiencing steady growth in the real estate sector. Besides, the town boasts fantastic recreational activities such as fishing, golfing, boating, and horse riding. You’ll also find beaches ideal for picnics and swimming.

10. Yonge and Sheppard

As one of the most beautiful communities in Toronto, Yonge-Sheppard is the best place to stay. It has become a hub for Toronto condo development, featuring modern condominium towers. However, home prices are relatively competitive.

Another thing is that Yonge-Sheppard boasts a vibrant nightlife and many recreational activities. Also, it is home to classic hotels that offer world-class services. Thankfully, the community is very accessible by either a train or a bus.

Final Words

If you plan to live or invest in Toronto’s up and coming neighbourhoods, consider the ten options mentioned. These communities experience fast and steady new home developments. So, the chances are high you’ll find a home that fulfills your needs.

All you have to do is quick research to compare the costs of living of these ten up and coming neighbourhoods Toronto. This way, you’ll find the best place to live with your family. Thankfully, most homes in these neighbourhoods are relatively affordable.

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