10 Upgrade Ideas to Modernize the Style of Your Home


People’s preferences change over time. Therefore, it’s not surprising if your dream home, at a certain point, ceases to bring you delight. But, the good news is, it presents you with the opportunity to create a more stylish home to your liking.

If you have the budget and you strongly believe that you are ready for a big change, there are many interior design trends to take inspiration from. Also, if you have your own ideas, consulting with interior design experts will enlighten you about the different ways you can turn such ideas into reality.

But, if you are simply exploring your options, provided below are ten trendy upgrade ideas worth considering.

1. Custom-Made Entrance Door

If you want to impress right at the entryway into your home, do it with a custom-made door. The trend these days is not only to paint entrance doors with vibrant colors, interior designers also highly recommend coming up with unique designs, and having doors custom-made.

Also, the trend encourages deviating from wood and using metal instead. Not only are these doors sturdier and more durable, but they can also be made to look like wood and other materials, as well. Therefore, if you want an extraordinary-looking point of entry into your abode, have your entrance door custom-made.

2. Big Paintings

To make big blank walls more interesting, invest in big paintings. Such works of art can look like picture windows and make any room in your house look more inviting. And if you place these paintings in the grand room, they will add texture and enhance space dimensions.

Additionally, interior decorators say that big paintings make fantastic conversation pieces for when you have guests over because they easily draw the eyes and make people curious.

3. Tiled Accent Walls

Another way to add texture and interest to the different gathering rooms in your home is to create accent walls using tiles. Chevron tiles, for example, are perfect to use for walls above fireplaces for not only do they break the monotony of painted or wallpapered walls, but they can also direct attention toward the fireplace.

You can also use mosaic tiles if you wish to play with more colors and create gorgeous patterns that can give the room a whole new character.

4. Gold and Silver

The combination of gold and silver is another interior design trend that appeals to many. While it used to be considered a style faux pas to work in both metallic hues into interior design, the calculated integration of these colors has been proven to yield a stunning result for modern homes.

The best way to use these colors is through decor. Two-toned accessories and hardware for toilets and cabinets achieve a glamorous vibe. Just make sure that the silver elements are regularly polished to a shine, so they make the gold details sparkle even more.

5. Anchor Rugs

Use a lot of anchor rugs to make specific areas of your home more distinct. Consider using different designs of carpet tiles for one of a kind anchor rugs throughout your home. Use similar materials in slightly variegated colors.

Another thing that you can do with anchor rugs is to layer these and work with different textures and sizes. This is especially lovely for monochromatic rooms, which is common for modern home interiors.

6. Recessed Shelves

Recessed shelves are a big game-changer because most houses, even modern ones, still use protruding shelves. Recessed shelves take more work to make, though, but what’s amazing about these is they are much safer, and definitely look more chic and sleek.

Another impressive thing about opting for recessed shelves is you can add artistic lighting to them and draw more attention to the displays. These shelves also save space, maintain clean lines, and can be placed anywhere around the house.

7. Custom Downlights

There’s no need to settle for the selection that you find in home depots when you want to elevate the look of your home. You can have downlights custom-made to specifically fit your style and illumination requirements of your home.

A secondary advantage of custom downlights is you can be sure they fit perfectly well wherever you place them.

8. Ceiling-to-Floor Window Treatments

If you want to create the illusion of a higher ceiling and a bigger room, one of the simplest ways to do this is by opting for ceiling to floor window treatments.

According to famous interior designers, this trick will not only cover oddly shaped and sized windows but it will also make rooms look more elegant overall.

9. Zen Garden Table Centerpiece

If you are looking for table decor that you never have to take off the table despite the changing seasons, a portable Zen garden, which comes in different shapes and sizes is it. As a table decor, it offers countless possibilities just like a typical Zen garden. You can draw on the sand and move all the other elements around.

On top of these, it’s easy to add seasonal decor. Basically, the basin of the portable Zen garden works like a massive vase whose contents you can change according to your fancy. What’s more, it is something that people can work with as a creative pursuit or simply for enjoyment.

10. Indoor-Outdoor Rooms

Indoor-outdoor rooms have been on trend for the last five years or so because modern homes are all about cleverly marrying style and utility. These are the perfect example of home features or rooms that are not only intended for beauty but also for function.

The idea of making it easy to transform one, two, or three rooms into a much bigger functional space can alter home dynamics in a variety of ways. It can improve illumination, ventilation, make gatherings comfortable, change the purpose of one room according to need, and so much more. This can be achieved through the installation of sliding doors and/or automatic blinds.

Creating a more modern home that suits your taste and needs can be done in so many different and exciting ways. The ideas shared above are just a few that you can work with to transform your home into a greater thing of beauty, as well as a more functional space. Which among these are you keen on using for your home makeover?

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Rachel Hennessey manages the Pools and Landscaping Division of Hennessey LLC. She also works on Tender and Pre-Qualification and brings in new business to the company’s Construction, Interiors and Civils Division.

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