10 useful skills students need to learn with their education

In the previous era, the system of teaching, and as a result, learning too was based purely on bookish knowledge. The educational system only comprised of textbooks. Whoever had a good grip on such knowledge was considered the wisest. Teachers also appreciated the students who were good at memorizing things from the textbooks.

But now the dimensions of learning are changing. They are becoming broader in a very positive way. Now, making yourself just limited to the knowledge gained through textbook is not considered enough. While this step is crucial for developing a good understanding of concepts, students need to acquire much more in order to be successful in the modern era.

They need to acquire a few skills that would not only help them in their routine lives but also in the job sector. Following are mentioned ten skills that students need to learn along with their education:

1. Good communication skills

If you are filled with knowledge but you are unable to convey it to others through your expression then all your efforts in acquiring that knowledge would be in vain.

Confident, bold students, who are good at communicating, are not only the requirement of the modern era of freedom of speech, but are also crucially needed in the job sectors too. Studies have shown that communication skills play a vital role and one must have mastery over these skills to get success in their respective fields (Roa, 2019). Hence every student must start working on this skill right in their student life.

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2. Literacy of digital age

When it comes to information, the amount of data stored in one’s head and how it got there are no longer relevant – what counts is what you do with it. This means that students must be able to analyze, access, manage, integrate, evaluate, and produce knowledge in various media in order to be successful. This is known as information and media literacy. All students must develop this kind of skill too i.e. they should be digitally skilful.

3. Try to be creative

Now, people are not praised on the bases of their textual knowledge. They need to have a uniqueness in them to be worthy of praise. This uniqueness is, of course, reflected through your creativity. The modern age is the age of innovation. Innovative thinking is appreciated the most in students and literally in everyone now. Hence, all students must try to be creative in any way possible.

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4. Good cooperation

If you are not good at adapting to the idea of teamwork, it would become very difficult for you to fit-in anywhere. Whether it is your classroom, or the industrial sector, all run through the principle of good teamwork. People need to exchange ideas with each other in order to be successful. Hence students must try to learn how to be good at cooperation with other people.

5. Problem-solving and problem-based thinking

The most difficult of all intellectual functions is problem-based reasoning. It is based on the premise that knowledge must be put to use, that is, applied to addressing concrete tasks, circumstances, or issues, rather than simply being learned for the sake of achieving good grades.

This, in turn, necessitates for all students the integration of knowledge from other fields and its application to the problem-solving process.

6. The ability of inventive thinking

Invention entails creativity, good ideas, and curiosity, all of which lead to creation.

This means that students should not only have a strong imagination and critical thinking skills, but they should also be able to examine the circumstances in which the concept arose and the potential for its realization, as well as the ability to modify to the best of their abilities.

7. Be aware of responsibilities and learn to value systems

It is critical to establish strong values in children so that they can use all of the tools and technologies available to them while also understanding the responsibility that comes with them.

Education is never, and should never be, a stand-alone process; it is always linked to upbringing. One of the most essential responsibilities of schools is to shape fine, well-behaved young people who will be able to build a proper value system and grow into people of integrity.

8. Importance of personal management

While we talk about responsibilities, we must not neglect the factor of personal management too. Students need to be well-disciplined in order to succeed. They need to be overall good at managing affairs.

One of the key management features here is time management too. Time management is a strategic process of efficiently dividing your time in order to complete any activity or task (helpwithdissertation, 2021).

9. Development of soft skills

Schools rarely devote time to teaching kids soft skills such as organizational abilities, the ability to look someone in the eyes when speaking with them, or the use of a firm handshake. However, these things are extremely important to make a reputation in this world.

10. Develop empathy and have a perspective

While this is a skill that has always been vital, it appears to be one that is rapidly fading. Students should have the capacity to put themselves in other people’s shoes, comprehend their sentiments, and assist them in solving challenges.


Development of these skills is extremely important for the good development of a student’s personality and his brighter future in the job sector too.


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