10 Ways to Spend a Rainy Day

A rainy day can sometimes be a bummer, as the wet roads and the water falling from the clouds would often prevent you from doing errands outside. However, even if you are at home, you can still find ways to enjoy the rainy day by doing fun or relaxing activities alone or with loved ones. Here are ten of the best ways for you to spend a rainy day.

Read a Book

One of the most relaxing methods for you to enjoy a rainy day is by reading a book while listening to the sounds of raindrops falling on the roof or on the ground outside. The sounds that the rain is making can be interpreted as an ASMR experience, and it will help you focus or relax during your reading time. Hearing the raindrops is actually enough for you to get relaxed even if you don’t read a book.

Have a Good Nap

rainy day written on the glass

Speaking of ASMR, you can also use the sounds of natural rain outside to get a good nap while lying on the bed or the sofa. Most people who stay at home during a rainy day would tell you that the rain helps them get sleepy, and with the help of the cold weather that the rain brings, you will have a cozier time in your nap. Make sure to get a blanket if it’s too cold for your liking.

Get Immersed in Video Games

If you are a gamer, then a good way to have fun on a rainy day is by playing your favorite video games on your preferred home or portable console. While there is a common belief that all video games are violent, that is not actually true, since there are also great games that don’t involve killing anyone on the screen. These relaxing and non-violent games are probably the best ones to play to match the mood that the rain is making inside your home.

Enjoy the View

Watching the raindrops fall to the ground or pavement is a weirdly satisfying experience, and it is probably the simplest way for you to enjoy the rainy day. You can watch the falling rain alone, or you can get a companion to watch it with you while telling stories about life and other things. Oddly enough, watching how the rain cannot get to you inside your home makes you have a reassuring feeling that the house feels safe.

Play Board Games

A fun way to spend the rainy day is by playing board games with loved ones in the living room. There are a variety of board games to choose from, although you are limited to the ones that you have at home. Any board game will do, but it would be best if you have one that takes longer to play so that you and your family can be preoccupied while the rain is pouring outside.

Drink a Nice Cup of Coffee

Nothing can make you enjoy a cup of coffee more than the cold weather brought by the rain. If you don’t want to get sleepy during the day, it is best that you drink a cup of coffee while reading a book or just looking at the view outside of your home. Not only will the coffee keep you awake, but it will also allow you to stay warm if the temperature gets too cold.

Listen to Music

Another method to enjoy the rain is by listening to music, although the songs you will play will probably get drowned out by the sound of the rain. Be sure to have a pair of headphones or earphones for you to be able to hear the music clearer, or else the sound of raindrops would just mix with the sound of the instruments coming out of the speakers.

raindrops on the clear window

Play Card Games

Besides board games, you can also play different card games as a pastime while waiting for the rain to stop. You can play single-player card games like solitaire or gridcannon, or invite loved ones at home to play poker or blackjack. If you don’t have a deck of cards, don’t worry, as there are hundreds of online casino websites that you can visit wherein you can play card games or play slots online and win real money. Keep in mind that you would have to set a budget so that you can watch how much cash you are exchanging for tokens in the online casino.

Eat Delicious Food

The relaxing sounds of the rain would sometimes make you want to eat some delicious food, and if you have one in your pantry or fridge, then you will indeed have an enjoyable time during the rainy day. You can eat some snacks while looking at the view outside, or you can get a bowl of cereal and just savor the moment while eating.

Watch Movies or TV Shows

Like listening to music, watching movies or shows on your TV may not be advisable since the rain may be too loud for you to hear anything coming out of your TV room’s speakers. As such, you may want to watch whatever you are going to using your smartphone instead and make sure that you have a pair of earphones for a better experience.

So, those are some of the best things that you can do while it is raining outside. You can do only one activity mentioned above, or you can choose to do more to make the day worth it.