10 Ways To Spend Less On Home Renovation


Whether your budget is big or small, the cost of a home renovation can quickly get out of control! From my experience of scouring thrift shops, browsing clearance aisles, and stalking Lowe’s price drops, here comes 10 tips that will help you score some substantial savings. Also, you can deploy Lowe’s coupons to redeem more savings!

1. Chalk Out A Budget Planner And Stick To It

When you make a budget for your project, it’s a good idea to allot for unexpected expenses. Chalking out a budget planner is a mandate if you don’t want to end up spending more than you originally intended. Allot your total savings or income to various purchases that you’re planning on making, whether it’s lighting, faucets, paint, or countertops, cabinet hardware, outlets and appliances. Some say to reserve 10% of your budget for flexibility, but the choice is yours!  While renovating your office skip is used to deal with rubbish but they are costly so mobile skips are the solution to cut the cost.

2. Invest In Furniture That Is Efficient

If you can reorganize and equip your kitchen for maximum utility, you may not need to blow out the walls to gain square footage. For starters, replace your space-hogging shelves with cabinet-height pullout drawers that are around 8 inches wide. Such cabinets come with racks for canned goods and other items and can easily be found at stores like Lowe’sTarget etc. Home makers can easily shell out a few thousand to outfit cabinets with upgrades like dividers, pull-out pot trays, and lazy Susans, but you’ll save many times that amount by skipping the addition you thought you needed. You can invest in Style “Selections 14-in W x 5.5-in H 1-Tier Pull Out Wood Cabinet Organizer” or “Project Source 18-in W x 35-in H x 23.75-in D Natural Unfinished Drawer Base Stock Cabinet” available at Lowe’s.

3. Refrain From Hiring A Contractor

Labor could prove to be one of the priciest spends for any remodel project. New house renovation might call for hiring a contractor, but if you’re targeting only one or two rooms then you are sure to plan out the work yourself. Hiring subcontractors might seem like a herculean task, but the cost savings will be well worth it. Obviously doing the projects yourself will save the most money. And you can always become project manager and hire your own specific subcontractors which in turn will help you pay less overall. Having said this, there are some jobs that you need to get done properly, and hiring an expert is the only way to do this. Hiring an expert will save you money in the long run if you have to shell out again due to your own substandard work. If you have a new bathroom to install, for example, then it is best to enlist the services of plumbing professionals like Beehive Plumbing to do the job for you.

4. Don’t Forget To Check The Scratch And Dent Section

This is the section where people return things for the bizarrest of reasons. Big stores like Lowe’s, Ikea, etc. have such discount sections, and browsing through these sections might end up in purchasal of new items for a fraction of the price. You can also score some lucrative deals and bargains on floor models for pricey needs like appliances, vanities, lighting, and more.

5. Timing Is The Key

Thinking of remodelling a kitchen right around the holiday times? You may want to hold your horses before making any purchases. Retailing giants such as Hobby Lobby and Lowe’s often run sales that coincide with major holidays like the coming Lowe’s Labor Day Sale 2020, Memorial Day Sale, and Black Friday Sale. Waiting to purchase that item you have your eye on could reward you with hundreds of dollars.

6. Don’t Throw Out The Old Stuff

No matter how tempting it might sound but to rip everything out and start from scratch isn’t that a great idea and is totally not necessary. You can always reface and repaint your ugly cabinets if they’re solid wood as it would cost so much less than buying new ones. Take a good, hard look at what you have and what you could potentially go ahead with, with a little refurbishing.

7. Opt For Money Saving Hacks

If you’re someone who is ready to stretch his/her wallet a little wide then you can afford to hire a carpenter to make custom-built shelves for your library. This idea has proven to be wondrous. But for those of us whose wallets are stretching thin, there’s Lowe’s! You can use Store’s pieces as the base for your projects, from cabinet workspace solutions to kiddos’ toy storage, revamping these areas with these pieces could work wonders for you.

If you’re renovating your bedroom you might be tempted to stay in a hotel room for a few days while the contractor is doing the messy work. It’s understandable – who wants to deal with all of the dust and debris that comes from redoing the room you sleep in? Instead of moving to a hotel a few miles away for a week, consider getting a high quality air mattress and sleeping in another room of your house. Sure – it might not be as fun or comfortable as getting away to a hotel room but even if you buy one of the better quality air beds on the market you’ll save money (plus, you’ll be the proud owner of an air mattress which will undoubtedly come in handy down the road).

8. Avoid Overspending On Wall Prep

If the walls of your humble abode are in a ough shape that would take a painting contractor days of filling and sanding to make them ready for the roller, then you may want to consider using materials such as Texturglass, which can be easily found at stores like Lowe’s or Costco. Texturglass is a breathable, nontoxic wall covering made of fine glass filaments. It is similar to the fiberglass matting used in auto-body work. The material is available in a variety of surface patterns, absorbs paint readily, and is designed to be installed right on top of existing surfaces, adding strength while covering up dings.

9. Cash On Rewards For The Money You Spend

Bring those rewards credit cards into action to pay for your budgeted purchases. Buyers can easily pay off the card immediately with the cash you’ve saved for your renovation. Many big stores like Hobby Lobby, Costco or Lowe’s provide such rewards cards. Another way to earn rewards is to purchase gift cards from grocery stores that offer perks for spending money, such as savings on fuel or future grocery purchases.

10. Shop Wisely With Big Stores

I refrained from going to the big box stores for the most part, because I wanted a more antiquity look. Turning to affordable stores like Menards or Lowe’s for affordable bathroom vanity/medicine cabinet/linen cabinet set. Here you can find some very similar versions of items for a fraction of the cost. I once tracked down a farmhouse sink online at Home Depot for about half what I’d seen from the high-end places.

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