10 ways to travel and earn money at the same time

The famous writer Agatha Christie once said that life on the road is a dream in its purest form. However, as it often happens, in order to make a dream come true, you need money. Here are a few ways to earn money while traveling.

Cruise ship worker

It’s not a bad idea to make a living working on a cruise ship. Among the proposed professions – chef, bartender, administrator, tutor, cleaner and many others. The requirements are simple: knowledge of conversational English. In some cases, you need work experience in the field and recommendations.

The level of earnings can vary significantly – from $500 to $2500 dollars per month. Accommodation and meals – at the expense of the employer.

Forex trading

The only thing that you need to be involved in Forex trading is your laptop or mobile phone. In the modern understanding, a trader is a person who trades in securities, goods and currencies both on the stock exchange and on over-the-counter markets, in particular, on the Forex market. If you want to try out cfd forex trading there are many brokers who can help you. They have different platforms that are designed specifically for CFD trading and can become a Cash Cow.

Tour guide

A popular way to earn and travel at the same time. However, you should not forget that being a guide is a job. Often the guides work unofficially, hence the unstable income and lack of social benefits. Specialists with experience can get a job in a stable company.

Requirements for this job are obvious: constant communication with people, the need to show friendliness and good mood, physical activity.

Travel blogger

Earning money on a travel blog is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. First of all, you need initial investments. Secondly, many well-known bloggers spend a lot of time and money on their website promotion. And even when you have a lot of subscribers and advertisers, blogging is a job. In addition to travel and posting about travel, you will have to engage in marketing, expanding the subscriber base, as well as financial and other issues.

Photographer in the field

You can take pictures of everything from wedding ceremonies in exotic countries to the underwater world. To get orders you need equipment and experience. The level of earnings depends on many factors, for example, the photographer on a cruise liner can earn $1000 per month. The income depends on professionalism and other circumstances.

English teacher

If you want to be adventurous and have a great knowledge of English, a teacher’s job is a good option. These are available in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. In most cases, being able to speak English is the only requirement.

Of course, many foreign language schools want to see English-speaking people as teachers. However, in China, for example, there is a need for teachers to develop children’s conversational skills. Teaching experience is usually not required. Thus, it is possible to earn a great amount of money.

Flight attendant

Flight attendants can earn more than $1000 per month. Mandatory requirements are good health, training, English and decent appearance.

It is worth remembering that the work of a flight attendant is not much like a vacation: in a short time you will visit many countries, but it does not mean that you will have time for sightseeing.

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