10 Ways to Treat Your Spouse This Month


Romance was always on your mind when you began dating your partner, but daily routines can get in the way of that. You don’t have to settle for long periods of boredom between anniversaries. Instead, read about these ten ways to treat your spouse this month to rekindle the romance and remind them how much you adore them.

1. Remove a Responsibility

Daily responsibilities are one of the most common reasons why married couples lose touch. It’s challenging to relax and feel connected when you’re thinking about carpooling kids to school in a half-hour or collecting financial records for a meeting with your family accountant.

When you can’t make responsibilities disappear, take a few off of your spouse’s to-do list. Tell them you’ll mow the lawn on Saturday so they have more free time. Take the car for its upcoming oil change if they dread doing it every few months. Reducing their stress will make them instantly happier.

2. Try Their Hobby

Engage your spouse’s favorite passions by joining them in their hobbies. Learn how to yo-yo with them if they’re a yo-yo fanatic or go putt-putting if they love golf. Recognizing someone’s interests makes them feel seen and valued. It’s a sign of unconditional love that anyone can use because it’s easy to personalize.

3. Take Them on a Date

What’s happening around your town during this time of year? Switch things up by going on a seasonal date that’s more creative than visiting a local restaurant. You could pick strawberries in the spring or apples in the fall. Explore a corn maze together and see Christmas light displays. Putting more thought into your dates is another way to show your spouse how much you care.

4. Make a Special Meal

Sometimes life is too tiring to leave for a date after a long day or work or school. Have fun right at home by making your partner a special meal. Go all out by grilling lobster tails to perfection or bake veal cutlets with a side of garlic potatoes. It’s one of the best ways to treat your spouse this month because they’ll love the effort you put into creating a fancy meal just for them.

5. Clean the House

There are neverending reasons to clean the house. If your spouse isn’t sweating while vacuuming every room, they’re likely scrubbing the kitchen sink or cleaning the bathrooms. None of it’s fun, so clean the house for them. You’ll get bonus points if they arrive home from work or a social engagement to a polished house that smells of fresh air and flower arrangement on your kitchen table.

6. Give Them Time Alone

Spending too much time together can also have adverse effects on any relationship. Give your spouse time alone and a reason to do something out of the ordinary. You could invite their best friends over and take the kids out for the night so they can just have fun. Schedule a private spa trip if they’d love a day on a massage table. They’ll return with greater peace and a grateful heart.

7. Host a Surprise Party

Throwing a party is a common way to treat someone, but you don’t have to wait until their birthday to send invitations. Hose a surprise party just to celebrate how everyone loves your spouse so much. Tell everyone to arrive early and keep the event a secret, then bombard your spouse with confetti and cheers as they walk through your front door.

You could even ask people to make a speech during dinner. They might want to talk about why your spouse is so great, how they met or why they love being their friend. Making a big effort without an obligation like a birthday will turn any surprise party into an incredible memory.

8. Leave for a Surprise Trip

Treat your spouse this month with a surprise weekend trip. Research budget-friendly trip ideas like escaping to the mountains or staying at the beach during an off-season. Make it a destination that your spouse prefers over anyone else to tailor it to their interests. Your family will be thrilled to get out of town and see something new because you’ll break away from what might be a monotonous weekly routine.

9. Schedule a Lunch Delivery

If you can’t find any free time in your schedule, order lunch for your spouse and have it delivered to their workplace. It’s a wonderful way to support them in their career and remind them how much you love them during a stressful day. Order from their favorite place or a restaurant they’ve always wanted to try to put an extra special spin on their meal.

10. Hide Daily Love Notes

Surprises can be the best way to love on your spouse. Do something simple that will put a smile on their face by hiding daily love notes. Whether it’s for a week or the entire month, they’ll love discovering hand-written reminders of your affection for them. Encourage them, write a quick poem or leave a cute pun. The perfect note will be whatever makes them smile.

Treat Your Spouse This Month

You know your spouse better than anyone else in the world. Use your shared history to pick from these creative ways to treat your spouse this month. You’ll rekindle the romance, appreciate all they’ve done for you, and make their day with simple, loving acts that break through your typical routine.

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