11 Attributes of the Super Successful Staffing Firms


Finding the right hiring agency like Brine SA is critical to your company’s growth. You need to be sure that the company you have chosen will look out for your interest, and not force their people even if they don’t fit the roles you want them for.

If you have never worked with a recruiting agency, a lot of questions might be going through your mind. Are they good? Will they provide the right talent to fit the job profile? What fees are they charging? These might just be some of the questions currently on your mind. That is why we have put out a detailed guide on the most important characteristics of the best recruiting agencies. Note that if you manage to nail a good one, you won’t have problems even if you need to fill pharma jobs. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Knows your company

The ideal recruiting agency you partner with needs to have inside knowledge of your company. This includes the company size and industry. It is important to know this because it enables them to vet potential employees to see if they will fit your profiles.

If the recruiting agency you are looking to work with has not taken the time to acquaint themselves with your company or managers, it is a bad sign. It shows that they don’t have your best interests at heart.

2. They always strive to improve

Brine SA, being a leading recruitment firm, takes time to have an appointment with you to understand your needs. Also, after interviews and it seeks feedback to be sure they have targeted the right candidate pool.

On the other hand, if a recruitment firm consistently pushes the same candidate type even after you have rejected them and don’t make an effort to understand why you don’t want them, they are the bad agencies you want to stay away from.

3. They’re experts in the subject matter in their field

A top characteristic of the ideal staffing agency is a demonstration of comprehensive knowledge of your industry. This enables them to break a position down to nail the perfect candidate or your vacant post.

Be wary of agencies that only focus on the skillset and don’t really understand what you want. This will only give you an inappropriate candidate.

4. They uphold the highest ethical standards

You can tell a good recruitment firm from a bad from the candidate they supply. Brine SA ensures they put in front of you a candidate with the same experience as that advertised on the resume. Also, they take time to enlighten the applicant about your company, so they are sure they walk into a role they understand.

Some agencies add inaccurate experience to candidates and coach them to say things not necessarily correct to their experience.

5. They stand out from the crowd by supplying high-calibre candidates

Top-rated recruitment agencies strive to always exceed the client’s expectations by supplying high-cadre candidates.

The bad guys deliver the same candidates that you have seen already through other agencies.

6. They stick to a proven recruitment process

Another characteristic of highly efficient staffing firms is that they stick to a proven process of vetting. They won’t skip steps to lower the bar. They always insist on high-quality candidates.

Lazy recruitment firms will not meet with the candidates and rarely perform background checks. They will only send you candidates and expect you to screen them.

7. They are reliable

Good staffing companies can be relied on to consistently supply you with committed and talented candidates and even fill your pharma jobs roles.

If, on the other hand, an agency wavers in their commitment, never updates you with the progress they make or have erratic success, these red flags that you cannot ignore to take lightly.

8. They are good listeners

The ability to take time and listen to your needs and wants is a key attribute of the most successful staffing agencies. They don’t pressure you to make poor decisions and instead establish timetables to enable you to get sufficient feedback.

Desist from working with companies that ask you the same questions, or those that find shortcuts in recruiting candidates. They will rarely supply you with the candidate that fits your needs.

9. The ability to understand your business needs

The right staffing agency will want to understand the needs of your business. Also, such a company is a genuine partner that wants to help you accomplish the best.

If you realize that an agency is not interested in understanding your business goals, you need to avoid them like the plague. They are only likely to be concerned with what they will get in terms of revenue.

10. Persistence

An important characteristic of high performing staffing firms is the ability to be consistent. They will maintain contact with you without being annoying or disrespectful.

But if the recruiter is too aggressive to the extent that they even call your managers several times a day just to get your feedback, you know they cannot be trusted.

11. They don’t rest until you are satisfied

The top dogs in the industry go to great lengths to ensure you are satisfied not only with the service they offer but also with the type of candidates they bring to you for hiring. They are ready to repeat the hiring process countless times provided you get the employee that is the perfect fit for your organization. For example, Brine SA stops at nothing to ensure that you are completely satisfied.


It is tough choosing a great staffing company, especially if this is your first time working with these organizations. However, f you get it right, you can enjoy massive benefits. Fortunately, we have created this guide to help you. By sticking to the above traits, you will be able to nail the perfect company that supplies you with the right candidates for your pharma jobs. Learning the traits of the really successful companies will help you to link with candidates that are a perfect match for your open roles.




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