11 Fun and Budget-Friendly Staycation Ideas for Families

When you’re thinking about vacation, you might be thinking of the beach or a luxurious hotel where you can relax and recharge yourself. 

Your kids might be asking you to go to Disneyland, go camping, or go swimming. But the sad reality is that not all can afford the extravagant vacation. Nor have enough time to go on a trip. 

But vacation should not be wasted on boring things. It should be spent on fun and adventure. So, here are some activities that your family would enjoy doing. 


Camping is one of the favorite vacation activities for kids. If you are on a staycation, you can still enjoy camping in your backyard. 

You can set up your tent and do some camping activities. If you want educational camping, you can try to study the flora and fauna in your backyard, or you can have books with you. You can roast marshmallows in a pit fire. 

The most exciting thing you can do to tell scary stories or observe the constellations at night. It will be a lot more fun if you have a telescope at home. 

Movie Night

If you and your family are movie lovers, then having a movie night on your staycation would be great. You can set up your movie theater at your real estate property or in your backyard. Just make sure that the weather will not ruin your movie night. 

You can have a big bowl of popcorn that is good enough for everyone. Also, take turns in choosing movies to watch. 

Board Game Night

Many people think that playing board games is boring. Well, that depends on the board games you play. There are several interactive and fun board games these days. You can vary the games so it won’t be boring. 

Make the boardgame night by hosting a tournament. Having a little challenge usually makes the game more exciting and thrilling. However, if your family is not into board games, you can try card games or video games. 

Puzzle Day

Do you know that doing a jigsaw puzzle has advantages? It improves your memory and relieves stress. 

Find a good place at your home with a big space where you can lay all the puzzle pieces. You can also enjoy doing the puzzle with some homemade snacks.  

Paint Night

Are you looking for activities that will help enhance your kids’ creativity and artistic side? Or if you have these artistic skills in you, you can share it with your kid. You can have a paint night at home. 

You can learn and teach your kids some painting techniques. Painting is usually one of the activities that kids enjoy. 


Going on a picnic is another exciting activity for kids. It is always fun to simply lay a blanket on the ground and bring a basket full of delightful snacks. You can bring thirst quenchers and sandwiches which is one of the favorites. 

To make it even more fun, you can create a theme such as a royal picnic or Mexican food. And the weather isn’t good, you do an indoor picnic. Which could be fun as well if you combined with a movie night or game night. 

At-Home Spa Day

Getting a Spa is fun but could cost a lot. The best alternative to having relaxation is an at-home spa. You can do it by playing a piece of soothing music with nice lighting. You can also set a diffuser or light a scented candle. 

A good aroma can help relax your senses. Give yourself and your family facial, a foot soak, or a hand mask. If those weren’t enough, you can try giving them a hair treatment. 

Having an aromatherapy bubble bath is also a good idea. And nothing more is fancier than having a manicure and pedicure while reading your favorite book.

Family Carnival 

If you like to do a more festive activity, you can try having a family carnival. Your kids will surely love this. Create your fair with carnival foods like french fries, corn dogs, or cotton candy. 

For games, you can set up your DIY ring toss, balloon darts, a fishing hole, your feng shui consultation booth and a lot more. To end the day, you can set up a DIY movie theater outside. 

Water Play

Water play is another best way to cool down on your staycation. You can make your water park in the backyard by breaking out the sprinklers. 

Let your kids help in filling the kiddie pool with water. Make some water balloons or use water guns for a water fight. Your kids will surely enjoy playing in the water. And let the child in you, enjoy this activity as well. 

Scavenger Hunt

Treasure hunt or scavenger hunt is an activity that will help enhance your children’s clever mind. Let them be detectives and crack answers from the clues you have provided. 

You can search online for some clues and rhymes. To make it even more fun, you can dress up like pirates and hunters. Also, prepare prizes for everybody. You don’t have to spend too much on the prize, cookies or cupcakes will be enough. 

Cooking Contest

If your family is into cooking, you can have a cooking contest at home. Unleash the ‘top chef’ skills of your kids. Just like on TV, you can give them some challenges like using a mystery ingredient on their task. 

You can also try a baking contest where kids can bake their favorite cupcakes, cookies, or cake. This will be fun, but remember to guide your children throughout the activity.