11 Landscape Ideas Around Your Swimming Pool and Spa: A Comprehensive Guide

Transform your backyard oasis into a serene retreat with these 11 landscape ideas that seamlessly complement your swimming pool or spa. Discover the perfect combination of style, functionality, and cost-effectiveness to create an outdoor haven that reflects your personal taste.

1. Lush Greenery: Embrace Nature’s Tranquility

Surround your pool or spa with lush greenery to create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. Vibrant flowering plants, cascading vines, and towering palm trees add visual interest and enhance the overall ambiance of your backyard oasis.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Flowering plants: $20-$50 per plant
  • Cascading vines: $10-$20 per vine
  • Towering palm trees: $100-$500 per tree

2. Stone Pathways: Elegance and Functionality.

Elevate your pool or spa area with elegant stone pathways that provide a sophisticated and functional touch. Choose from various natural stones, such as granite, travertine, or flagstone, to complement your overall design aesthetic.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Granite pavers: $5-$10 per square foot
  • Travertine pavers: $7-$12 per square foot
  • Flagstone pavers: $8-$15 per square foot

3. Fire Pit Gathering Spot: Warmth and Ambiance.

Create a cozy and inviting gathering spot by incorporating a fire pit into your pool or spa landscape. Gather with friends and family around the crackling flames for warmth and ambiance on cool evenings.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Fire pit kit: $200-$500
  • Fire pit installation: $300-$500

4. Outdoor Lighting: Illuminating Your Retreat.

Enhance the ambiance of your pool or spa area with strategically placed outdoor lighting. Consider using soft, warm-toned lights to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Landscape lighting fixtures: $50-$100 per fixture
  • Landscape lighting installation: $100-$200 per fixture

5. Water Features: Soothing Serenity.

Introduce an element of tranquility with water features, such as waterfalls or fountains. The gentle sounds of flowing water add a calming effect to your pool or spa retreat.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Small waterfall: $500-$1,000
  • Fountain: $200-$500

6. Outdoor Furniture: Comfortable Relaxation.

Enhance the comfort and functionality of your pool or spa area with outdoor furniture. Choose from various styles, such as chaise lounges, daybeds, or Adirondack chairs, to create a relaxing and inviting space.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Chaise lounge: $100-$300
  • Daybed: $200-$500
  • Adirondack chair: $50-$100

7. Shade Structures: Protection from the Sun.

Provide ample shade for your pool or spa area with permanent or retractable shade structures. Consider awnings, pergolas, or umbrellas to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Retractable awning: $500-$1,000
  • Pergola: $1,000-$3,000
  • Umbrella: $50-$100

8. Privacy Screens: Secluded Retreat.

Enhance privacy in your pool or spa area with strategically placed privacy screens. Use bamboo fencing, lattice panels, or evergreen shrubs to create a secluded and tranquil retreat.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Bamboo fencing: $20-$30 per linear foot
  • Lattice panels: $10-$20 per panel
  • Evergreen shrubs: $50-$100 per shrub

9. Outdoor Kitchen: Culinary Delights.

Elevate your pool or spa experience with an outdoor kitchen. Enjoy alfresco dining and entertaining with a barbecue grill, sink, and countertop.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Basic outdoor kitchen: $2,000-$5,000
  • Fully equipped outdoor kitchen: $5,000-$10,000

10. Customized Design: A Personal Touch.

Work with a landscape designer to create a customized pool or spa landscape that reflects your unique style and preferences. Incorporate personal touches, such as sculptures, water features, or unique plantings, to make your outdoor oasis truly your own.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Landscape design consultation: $200-$500

11. Professional Installation: Ensuring Quality.

Ensure the quality and longevity of your pool or spa landscape by hiring professional installers. Experienced professionals will handle the installation process seamlessly and ensure your outdoor retreat meets your expectations.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Professional landscape installation: $1,000-$5,000

Additional Considerations:

  1. Pool and spa size: The size of your pool or spa will significantly impact the overall cost of your landscape project. Larger pools and spas will require more materials and labor, driving up the overall cost.
  2. Site preparation: The condition of your backyard will also influence the cost of the project. If extensive site preparation is required, such as leveling or grading, it will add to the overall expenses.
  3. Material choices: The selection of materials, such as pavers, plants, and water features, will also affect the cost. Premium materials tend to be pricier, while more basic options are more affordable.
  4. Labor costs: The cost of labor will vary depending on your location and the complexity of the project. Experienced landscape professionals may charge higher rates than less experienced individuals.


Transforming your backyard into a serene oasis with a pool or spa and complementary landscaping can be a rewarding endeavor. By carefully considering your design preferences, budget constraints, and the overall scope of the project, you can create an outdoor retreat that enhances your lifestyle and brings you years of enjoyment.