11 Questions You Need to Ask Your Home Warranty Company


Before going to get a warranty for your home, you should have enough knowledge about specific terms. There are chances that you will get a great warranty according to your needs if you reach out to multiple companies and compare their services and other things. But, before comparing different service providers, make sure to ask them the following questions and then make up your mind for the final decision.

1. What will be covered by the home warranty?

First of all, you have to decide what you want to be covered in your home warranty. Of course, home warranties do not cover all the items in your house. So, look at the things in your house and make up your mind about appliances, gadgets, furniture, etc., that you want the warranty to cover.

After making a list of these items, cross the things that you do not want to be covered. Now, with this information, you should go for selecting a plan that precisely covers your needs—nothing more and nothing less. Ultimately, you have to find a company that covers the most items.

2. What is excluded from the home warranty?

Another critical thing to ask the home warranty company is about the exclusions from the warranty. Many home warranty companies often exclude certain situations or things from the warranty contract. Though it is clearly mentioned in the agreement, however, you should ask just in case. Otherwise, you may have to pay expenses for certain repairs or makeovers you thought were covered by the warranty.

3. What are the limits by the company over home warranty?

It is often noticed that most companies limit the amount in dollars that the warranty will cover. Some companies limit the amount covered in certain situations. For example, they will limit the cost of repairing electrical appliances, etc.

Other service providers may limit the total cost covered in all situations over a specific time period. In case the expenses exceed the covered price, you will be the one responsible.

To avoid surprises later, you have to get to know the price covered for each item according to the warranty contract. It would be best if you asked the following questions to your home warranty provider before signing an agreement with them.

4.Who are the contractors of the company?

To provide home warranty services, the home warranty companies team up with contractors. In order to ensure that you are working with honest, responsible, and reliable people, you have to make sure that who are the contractors.

Additionally, ask how the warranty company handles contractors who don’t perform well. In addition to that, you may ask how the company deals with contractors that do not provide quality services. Make sure to check the licensing of contractors and know whether they are legally allowed by the state to sell such services or not.

5.What is the cost of a home warranty?

Most of the home warranty providers have to type of costs. One is the fee for services, and the other is a premium paid monthly or annually.

Usually, high premium cost plans are offered for higher limits that cover high expenses. On the other hand, low premium fee plans have lower limits and cover significantly fewer expenses.

However, consideration of just the pricing is also not wise. You have to pick a policy that has the right balance for you between pricing and expenses covered. Therefore, get detailed knowledge about the working of warranty.

6. How quickly would the warranty claims be addressed?

It is critical to know how much time the company will take to resolve an issue after it is reported. Sometimes, it becomes pretty inconvenient when an appliance needs to be repaired or modified.

Most of the home warranty providing companies offer 24/7 services. But there may be some service providers who work only on business days. This is quite essential because you may run into an emergency anytime. So, it is better to have an idea about the company’s response time that you want to contract with.

7. Are unknown or pre-existing situations covered?

It is crucial when you buy a house from someone else and want to get home warranty service. In such a case, an unwanted or pre-existing condition may arise that may need to be addressed right away.

Some companies will cover such expenses, while others will simply exclude these from the plan. So, it is necessary to hire a company that covers the costs for unknown and pre-existing situations.

However, if you are confident about the systems and devices, you may skip this coverage.

8. What are upgrade options available?

If you have a mindset of additional coverage of some appliances, you have to find what kinds of add-ons and upgrades your home warranty provider offers and how much they charge for it. According to your financial condition, this may help you save some money.

9. What is the cancellation policy?

It is quite possible that at some point, you may consider canceling your home warranty policy. Cancellation policies vary from company to company. So, it is recommended to find out about the exact terms and conditions for canceling an unwanted policy.

10. What industry awards or certifications has the company received?

Industry recognition, certification, and awards reflect a company’s performance and reputation in the market. To ensure the legitimacy of a company, you may have to research its affiliations, recognitions, and certifications briefly.

11. What additional services does the warranty provider company offer?

While looking for additional types of home services, your warranty company may be an excellent place to look at. Home warranty providing companies sometimes do offer non-warranty services such as pest control, etc.

For such conditions, it is suggested to ask your warranty provider company in advance about the additional services they offer. In this way, you may be able to negotiate a discount for bundling services.

In short, if you do proper research before hiring a company for your home warranty, you may be able to save money and hedaches.

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