11 Things You Didn’t Know About Tangled

In the movie, Flynn was 26 and Rapunzel was 17 turning 18, so they had the largest age gap of any Disney couple.

Rapunzel was the first Disney princess to have supernatural powers. As long as she didn’t cut her hair, Rapunzel had the power to heal people.

Tangled was the first Disney princess movie to be rated PG.

Rapunzel’s parents never speak a word throughout the whole movie.

Originally, animators wanted to have fireworks in the film instead of floating lanterns, but after discussing it further, they decided that floating lanterns would be abetter decision.

Tangled was the first movie, that Disney animators fully computer animated.

In the movie scene, where Flynn and Rapunzel are singing “I see the light”, 45,000 lanterns can be seen.

In an effort to show the audience how old mother Gothel actually was, animators designed her dress to be from the Renaissance, which occurred long before Rapunzel lived.

The lantern Rapunzel lifts into the sky, is actually the ones that her parents sent out for her. You can tell by looking at the royal symbol on the front.

Several easter eggs from other Disney movies such as The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, can be seen in this movie.

The production team who worked on this movie, played over 2,000 games of Mario kart, while making this movie.

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