11 Things You Didn’t Know About Tarzan

1. Originally, Tarzan’s elephant friend Tantor, was supposed to be an adult, but filmmakers later decided that he should be a kid like Terk and Tarzan.

 voice actor for tantorSource: www.youtube.com/watch?v=46xIhsWTfJY
2. The voice actor for Tantor was only four years old and could not read at the time, so he had to have the lines read to him.

Phil Collins

3. Phil Collins wrote most of his famous song, featured in Tarzan, called “You’ll Be in My Heart”, on the back of wrapping paper, while he was at Christmas party.


4. It took the filmmakers three years, before they could all decide on what opening sequence to use.


5. Before attacking Tarzan and his friends, Sabor was hiding camouflaged in the jungle, and can be seen if you watch closely.

The baboon chase sceneSource: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkGR4vTqcPU
6. The baboon chase scene, was one of the first scenes in the film to be animated, because it was so complex and required so many animators.


7. Terk is an original Disney character, as there is no mention of her in the book Jungle Tales of Tarzan.


8. This was the first film about Tarzan to have a one-word title.

the voice actor of Clayton

9. Tarzan’s signature yell is actually voiced by the voice actor of the villain, Clayton.

Tony Hawk

10. Animators used Tony Hawk’s movement on a skateboard as a reference for Tarzan’s movement sliding down logs.

Academy Award

11. This was the first Disney animated film to win an Academy Award, since Pocahontas.