12 Best Ways to decorate your NYC Rental Room on a Budget


Making a move to the Big Apple has got to be the most exciting thing in your life right now. New York City is one of the most popular cities in America. With its never-ending excitements and a population that is forever awake, get ready to experience a whole new life here! You’ve taken the first step and found yourself a lovely little rental room in NYC, but the process is far from complete yet. Don’t worry; you have come to the right place!

Decorating your room for rent in NYC can be an easy and affordable experience if you have the right set of tips and tricks to do so. Often, we get carried away and spend exorbitant amounts of money on personalization and interiors. Having a room for rent is popular due to its temporary nature and hence spending extra on it, that too in an expensive city like NYC, would be a waste of your precious dollars. While giving your new room a homely and cozy feel is crucial for easing in the process of moving, make sure to have a budget and a plan of action involving your rental room in NYC.

12 Best Ways to decorate your NYC Rental Room on a Budget 2

Without further ado, here are 12 best ways to decorate your rental room in NYC on a budget,

1. Color-Coordinate

The easiest way to rent a room in NYC and then make it luxurious is by color-coordinating your decor to the existing interiors. Many times, changing the wall colors or flooring might not be permissible and is often unnecessary, considering the temporary nature of your room. Hence, you can add color to different elements in your home. For example, you can add a brightly colored pillow set for your dull sofa or buying an inexpensive but comfortable carpet for your flooring.

2. Minimalistic approach

People tend to make a big mistake because they clutter tiny spaces with decor items and bulky furniture. You want to avoid doing this at all costs and always leave enough room to breathe. Having a spaced out and well-planned room is essential. They say a cluttered room is the sign of a cluttered mind, and it simply won’t do you any good.

Replace bulky wooden furniture with sleek, urban pieces. You can look at IKEA for ideas since they have beautifully designed modern furniture. Try to buy items that can be easily packed for your next room for rent in NYC since life here moves very quickly!

3. Bibliophiles unite!

Bibliophiles unite!

If you’re a bibliophile or a young student with too many university textbooks, consider getting a bookshelf with unique layering. Books add that artistic touch to your home, making it look very regal, almost effortlessly. A mini-library, if you may.

Add a vibrant futon next to the bookshelf with adequate lighting, and make it your reading area!

4. Paint for your home

Paint for your home

If you can’t paint your home, paint FOR your home. Buy a few canvases, some acrylic paint, put on a Bob Ross tutorial, and have yourself a merry time! Personalized canvases look great on your walls and add a flair to your decor. It could be a fun project for you and your roommate in NYC to fill up your walls with gorgeous customized artwork.

5. House plants for the win

A little green here and there takes your focus away from the busy streets of NYC and gives your rental room a peaceful and serene vibe. Not only do plants make excellent companions, but they also help you to destress after a long day! Find yourself the perfect decorative buddies and oxygenate your rental room in NYC!

6. Repurpose


The first rule for finding affordable decor for your room is REPURPOSE. Items like fancy wine bottles, used tablecloths, old fabric, faded curtains, and old lampshades can all be repurposed into the decor of your room. Find your creative side and overturn your monotonous looking space to a vibrant and lively home!

7. Compact storage

Bulky storage takes more space than it should and leaves lesser room for other activities. Compact storage not only saves space but also leaves room for decorating your home further.

With tinier homes and apartments, the need for “sneaky” storage has arrived. Compartments that slide under your bed, desk, and even under the staircase are hugely popular now.

8. Garage Sale and flea markets

Why buy brand new furniture when you can look into garage sales and buy it second hand! A lot of garage sales have almost new items that have been barely used. Save some dollars by looking into such sales in your vicinity in NYC.

Garage Sale and flea markets

There are also various flea markets located in NYC’s different boroughs for some cheap and contemporary decorating ideas. The experience of shopping in a flea market enhances the process since there is a lot of bargaining and a sense of achievement when you bring down the price!

9. Showcase your personality

Let your room speak for your personality. If you’re excessively social and outgoing, have bright colors pop from different elements. Shy and reserved people can make their room comfortable staying in and having fun by themselves or with their roommate. Candle-lit bathtubs, fluffy carpets, and soft cushions to help fall in love with your rental room in NYC!

10. Create sections to give your room more depth

Create a dining area, a reading section, and even a bar if you want to get frisky! Creating sections for your home IN NYC by adding specific elements helps to settle in better.

11. Aromatherapy

The idea of a perfect home is more than just aesthetics. A warm and welcoming aura can be achieved by using essential oils and scented candles for your home. Get your room an affordable scent dispenser to always smell fresh and energetic.


Our sense of smell also helps to retain fond memories. Remember your lovely, self-decorated rental room in NYC with the help of its luscious aroma.

12. Light up your room(and life)

Lighting plays an integral part in setting the tone and mood for your rented room. You want the lighting to be as natural as possible to make it easy on your eyes. Harsh bright lights often cause distressing thoughts and signal your brain to be more awake.

Light up your room(and life)

With all the hustle and bustle in NYC, you want your room to remove any anxieties you might have. Warm, mellow lighting with the help of tiny LED lights, lamps, and beautifying fairy lights can completely change your perception of the rental room in NYC.

Let the artist in you come alive and go crazy with the decorations! With the holiday season coming up, look out for good deals and discounted rates on home decor.

Happy decorating!

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