12 Interesting Facts about Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney originally wanted to name Mickey Mouse, Mortimer Mouse; and it was not until Disney’s wife suggested naming him Mickey that his name was changed.

Mickey Mouse 1978

In 1978 Mickey Mouse became the first cartoon character ever to be given a Hollywood Walk of Fame star of his own.

Hot Dog

“Hot dog” was the first phrase that Mickey Mouse ever spoke.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney found the inspiration to create Mickey Mouse by seeing his pet mouse he owned when he was younger.

mickey mouse at some point in their life

Every US president has posed in a picture with Mickey Mouse at some point in their life, with the exception of Lyndon B Johnson.

voting booth is Mickey Mouse

The most popular candidate to be written-in at the voting booth is Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse than they are to recognize Santa Clause

People around the world are more likely to recognize Mickey Mouse than they are to recognize Santa Claus.

Mickey Mouse was originally voiced by Walt Disney himself.

Before Mickey Mouse was created, Disney’s first character was a rabbit named Oswald

Before Mickey Mouse was created, Disney’s first character was a rabbit named Oswald; however, Disney eventually lost the rights to this character to Universal, thus leading to the creation of Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse, wears gloves, so that the audience is able to distinguish his hands from the rest of his body.


Although no wedding is seen on screen, it has been confirmed that Mickey is married to Minnie Mouse.

Mickey Mouse and His Intriguing History

Mickey Mouse cartoon

Mickey Mouse definitely changed the anatomy of cartoon entertainment since its first inception. The character, for nearly a century, transformed with some changes from a hand-drawn black-and-white cartoon character to becoming one of the most recognized characters of all time. But popularity comes with a price. Let’s learn some intriguing facts about Mickey Mouse. 

  • Did you know that Mickey Mouse was banned widely in Romanian theaters? In 1935, the Romanian government feared the giant mouse on the big screen would frighten and confuse children. 
  • Did you know that Disney came up with the idea of ​​what Mickey tasted like in one of his earlier cartoons? In one of the questionable Disney cartoon scenes, Trader Mickey, the setting showed a captured Mickey and Pluto by African natives, who later attempted to cook the two for dinner. They escaped, but apparently, the idea stuck for a while of how the two characters would make a good meal.
  • Did you know how tall Mickey Mouse is? Walt Disney Company created a standard size for Mickey, two feet and three inches tall. To add, even all mascot candidates in Disneyland should have a standard length, and they must be between 4’8 and 5’2.

Mickey Mouse mascot posing a picture