12 Things to look out for before choosing a web design agency 2021


One of the most challenging tasks in launching a new Website design in Singapore and any country for that matter is selecting the web designer. There are so many web design companies in the market and choosing the right web designer can be a daunting task.

Your website serves as the face of your online business, and you need to be careful in choosing the web design company. Your website is the first place that your potential customers will go to and decide whether to continue doing business with you.

Giving your customer an awesome experience in visiting your website should be your primary concern. In this regard, you need to hire a web design company that can provide a website that caters to the needs of your customers and give them a great experience. The web design company must come up with a design that can help you attract your target audience and meet your business goals. How will you choose the most suitable web designer for your needs?

Here are the twelve things that you need to consider in choosing the web design agency.

1. Choose a Web Designer that Take Your Ideas Seriously

No one should know better than you when it comes to your business. You have a vast knowledge regarding the things that you sell and have some ideas regarding the most effective ways to present them to your target customers or audience. If the web design company refuses to listen to your ideas, you may want to take your business elsewhere.

The designer must be able to incorporate your ideas into the web design and not just create something for the sake of getting paid. You will not be able to establish a good business relationship with someone as stubborn as a mule.

2. The Web Designer Must Present a Unique Idea that Complements Your Own

The reason why you need a web designer is to help you own a website that can provide great user experience and attract more customers. You have your own ideas about the things to include on your website or how it should go, but you are no web designer. If your chosen web designer does nothing but nods his head to each suggestion you say and no longer considers the possible impact of that idea on the overall design, you may want to consult another designer. The designer must be able to turn your ideas into something exciting and fun so your customers will keep coming back for more.

3. The Web Design Firm Must Have an Effective Marketing Department

A web design company that lacks a marketing team is similar to an engineless Ferrari. It looks stylish and cool, but it will never go anywhere. It will remain rooted in the same spot no matter how many years have passed. To avoid sharing the same fate as the engineless Ferrari, your website must be eye-catching and works effectively and efficiently.

4. They Must Work with Content Management System (CMS) in Mind

It is vital to have CMS for your website. Otherwise, you will just keep asking your developer every now and then to make a site update. A worthy web design company should be familiar with Magento, Drupal, WordPress, and other content management systems. A static HTML website is an old school. You need to stay away from the web design company that offers it.

5. They should be Able to Come Up with a Responsive Design

Responsiveness in web design is not a fad. Google thinks so too. Responsive web design can easily adapt to the kind of gadget that your audience is using. This means that the layout and everything on your website will remain the same, including the efficiency and awesome user experience, no matter if your customer is using a mobile phone, tablet, or computer when visiting your website. You may need to think again when the web design agency offers a separate website for mobile users to access.

6. The Company Must Present a Portfolio of Live Websites

The best way to know that the web design agency really knows their stuff is to see the other projects that the team has finished. Don’t be content with the screenshots of the finished web pages of your site. Take a look around and visit the sites that they have finished. Browse through their portfolio and visit the sites and see for yourself. Check out their work and see if it’s to your liking. If not, don’t push the deal and look for another web design company.

7. They Must Have Years of Experience to Prove their Worth

To be safe, don’t trust any fly-by-night design agency that charges low fees but may disappear in less than a year. What if your website encounters trouble and the ones that should fix it are no longer around? You need a company that has been around for a long time and will always be there each time you encounter a problem with your website.

8. The Designers Know What to do to Create Conversion

Looking nice is not enough to make a conversion. A worthy web design agency must have a team of designers that know how to make a conversion. They know what kind of layout will click to your customers, how to create ease in navigation, and experts in making the customers heed the call-to-action. The designer must use all the available data and effective methods in designing your website.

9. They Have Vast Expertise

The designers must have experience designing websites for different industries. This shows the designers’ ability to think of the most suitable design that will surely attract the target customers. Also, if they keep designing websites for the same industry, the uniqueness of their design will be lost. It may be impossible for them to create a distinction for each web design they create under the same industry. The web design company that caters to the needs of different industries will likely reach a bigger audience and will continue to create unique websites for different clients.

10. They can Take Country-Wide and Local Jobs

It is best to make a deal with the web design company that has experience in dealing with local and national businesses. Their exposure to both local and national brands is one of the things that can assure you that the company can give you a design that can help you achieve your goals. They can help you reach out to the local and national audiences.

11. They Must be Updated regarding Modern Design Trends

An outdated design will not attract the amount of traffic you need for your website. Most people are always looking for something fresh and modern and not something that became popular a decade ago. The designer must know the modern design trends and technology to keep up with the time.

12. Their Price May Seem Expensive

At a glance, a reputable web design company may charge expensive fees, especially if you have seen somewhere that someone is willing to build a custom website for $2,000. Most of these companies will only literally drag and drop your logo and text into a WordPress theme that costs no more than $99. This does not guarantee that it will always work for you. To make sure that you will achieve your goal, you need a website that suits your business. The only way you can do that is to invest on your website and let the professional, reputable web design company help you in achieving your goal. Don’t be like the engineless Ferrari that will remain in the same spot throughout the years.

Finding the most suitable web design company is not easy, but it is doable. Once you find the right designer, everything becomes smooth.

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